Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sean Casey calls himself safe

I didn't want to let this lighter moment go unforgotten! A little diamond humour from Sean Casey last week at NY to help take the sting out of today's heartbreaker.


Sox Lose Another Tough One

Clay Buchholz brought his A game today and was on his way to his second win when he hung a curve in the 8th and gave up a two run homer. The pitch was his only mistake of the game but it was all that the Rays needed to win the game. The Rays managed just 3 hits against the Sox rookie pitcher but Iwamura was able to get his first home run of the year at the Sox expense.

Offensively Boston had a tough time at the plate with just 5 hits. Ellsbury kept his hit streak alive and had 2 hits but everyone else struggled against the Ray's staff. The losing streak is now at 4 and the Red Sox are no longer in first place. The Sox are due to catch a break soon and get back to their winning ways. A tough lose, but it was good to see Buchholz pitch well.

Sox Lose 2-1 Box Score


Ortiz Out to Rest Knee

Ortiz slightly hurt his right knee when he did a head first slide in the 11th inning last night. Tito is giving him the night off but it does not look like a serious injury.


Tonight's Lineup 4/26 at Tampa Bay

Extra Bases is reporting that Ortiz was a late scratch, no reason given yet. J.D. will be the DH and bat third. Tek starts for the first time in a week...sometime this season the Sox will have a consistent lineup.

Jacoby Ellsbury, RF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
J. D. Drew, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Coco Crisp, CF
Jason Varitek, C
Jed Lowrie, 3B
Julio Lugo, SS

Clay Buchholz, SP


Moss Called Up...Casey Headed to DL

Brandon Moss has been called up to the Red Sox which can only mean that Sean Casey will go on the DL to make room.


Lowell Coming Back at Just the Right Time

Mike Lowell played in a rehab game as the DH for the Paw Sox last night and had 1 hit (2 run single) in 5 at bats. With Casey likely going on the DL Lowell may come up to the Red Sox instead of playing 2 more rehab starts in AAA. Look for Lowrie to start at third tonight with Youk at first. Lowell could be the reserve corner infielder for a few games with some pinch hits. The Sox may also go with Big Papi at first so Lowell can DH a game later in the series.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Sox Lose In Extra Innings

Wakefield never had much control tonight and neither did the pen. Wake gave up 4 hits and 5 walks and hit a batter while only getting one K, not the typical Trop outing for him. Aardsma pitched well but Corey's second stint with the Sox picked up right where he left off with 2 hits and 2 walks in and inning and 2/3, but he did not give up a run. Lopez kept the Sox in it before Timlin came in for the 11th and had control problems and gave up the winning hit. It has been a rough start for Timlin and the calls for him to retire are just going to get louder.

The offense did not hit as well as it had in previous games but Manny and Kevin Cash each had 3 hits. Jacoby keeps his hitting streak alive but only went 1 for 5. Tek did pinch hit and was hit by a pitch. Casey left the game early after a hip strain on the base paths, he is listed as day to day. Lowrie came in and played third moving Youk to first. The Sox were patient at the plate and drew 6 walks but had trouble getting the big hit. The speed of the Rays' defense denied Boston some extra base hits and the Red Sox did not hit a home run.

Sox lose 5-4 in 11 innings. BOX SCORE

Buchholz pitches tomorrow in front of a rare sellout crowd in Tampa.


Tonight's Lineup 4/25 at Tampa Bay

Jacoby in center and no Coco. Tek to miss yet another game.

Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Kevin Youkilis 3B
J.D. Drew RF
Sean Casey 1B
Julio Lugo SS
Kevin Cash C

Tim Wakefield


Kielty Has Surgery...Now What

Bobby Kielty had surgery on his hand and is now expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Kielty was going to be the utility outfielder when the Sox traded Coco but with him hurt a trade is less likely to happen. Boston is not going to move Coco and have Thurston as the backup after his dismal performance last week. Ellsbury had been developing well while Coco was out with the leg injury but now Coco is healthy and hitting well; he showed his power and speed in yesterday's game. What are the Sox to do? Do they resume the every other day scenario in center or do they include J.D. in the platoon mix. It is possible they might just do a rotation where Ellsbury continues to play all 3 outfield positions to give players a rest or comes in late as a defensive replacement or pinch runner. The Kielty injury means there will continue to be more questions than answers in the outfield.


Yankees go the healthy route in clubhouse?

Joe Girardi, in a desperate move to motivate his players and keep Hank off his back and his mouth shut, has banned candy and ice cream in the clubhouse, according to an LA Times story seen on yahoo today.

Uh, Joe? It’s going to take a little more than a token discipline gesture to get the Yankees back on track. While I commend Girardi for striving for a better diet for his players (don’t forget to put steroids on the sweet list), this action reeks of “I gotta do SOMEthing before ol’ dumbass opens up his trap to the media again!”
Better check those trainers to make sure they’re not smuggling in any Kit Kats! I guess Hank is not allowed in the clubhouse if Ding Dongs are on the list!
Speaking of health Joe, is that a cigarette in your hand?


Corey Rejoins Sox

Bryan Corey joined the Red Sox when Justin Masterson was sent back to the minors. Corey had an ERA of 14.54 for Boston before he was released earlier.

Dice-K did not make the road trip with the Red Sox because he was still sick with the flu.


Red Sox Offense Among the Stat Leaders

The Red Sox have been hitting the ball very well to start the season and now 4 of the regular starters are in the top ten in average for Major League Baseball. Manny leads the MLB batting .356, Pedroia is second batting .351, Youk is third batting .345, and Lugo is tenth batting .321. When you look at RBI's, Manny and Big Papi are tied for fifth with 20. Ellsbury is third in the majors in steals with 8.

Now the Sox head to Tampa with Wake on the mound. Wakefield always pitches well at Tropicana Field and the Rays are always good to face when the team needs a lift. In other news Justin Masterson was sent back to AA but don't be surprised if he is back on the team before year's end.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Late Rally Comes Up Short

David Ortiz hit a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th to bring the Sox within 2 but that was as close as they would come. The bullpen gave away a win today as a group; Okajima had a blown save and the rest of the bullpen was tagged for 6 runs. Lugo's hit streak came to an end, Manny went 3-5, Coco just missed hitting 2 home runs, and Papi is among the league leaders in RBI's now. On what should have been a day to celebrate a series victory and the outstanding debut of Justin Masterson, the Sox will leave town knowing they let one get away.

Sox Lose 7-5 BOX SCORE


Masterson Pitches Great....Middle Relief Spoils It

Justin Masterson lived up to the hype I gave him earlier and only gave up 2 hits and 1 earned run in 6 innings. He left the game with the lead and a chance for a win in his major league debut but the pen could not hold it. Lopez and Delcarmen each gave up 2 runs and the Sox are now losing 5-3.


Curse Jersey Sells for $175K

The Jimmy Fund auction of the David Ortiz jersey that was buried in concrete at the new Yankee Stadium ended today. The winning bid was for $175,100. The winning bidder's name and location has yet to be announced.


Today's Lineup 4/24 vs. Angels

Still no Tek but Coco is back and in center, Jacoby will give J.D. a day off and play right. Sean Casey also has the day off so Lowrie will be at 3rd, Youk is back in the lineup at first. Game time 1:30 Eastern, make sure to watch Masterson's first major league start.

Jacoby Ellsbury RF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Jed Lowrie 3B
Julio Lugo SS
Coco Crisp CF
Kevin Cash C

Justin Masterson SP


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Justin Masterson to Start Tomorrow

Justin Masterson will be called up from the Sea Dogs to pitch the day game for the Sox tomorrow. As I posted earlier Masterson had a good spring and a good start to the AA season. I think he is going to be a better pitcher than Lester and should find his way into the rotation by season's end. People on the Globe message board said I was crazy last week when I suggested Masterson be given a start, now we'll see who was right.


The Joy Ride Runs Out of Gas

The Red Sox could not come from behind tonight, the winning streak ends at 6. It was bound to happen sooner or later with all of the injuries and players out sick. Lester took one for the team and pitched on three days rest when Dice-K was unable to go. He pitched well enough to keep the Sox in the game before he was replace by Hansen in the 6th. Hansen, who had been called up earlier in the day because Delcarmen was sick, gave up a go ahead home run to the Angels and got the loss.

Youk missed the game with a sore back so Lowrie had to play third again. Offensively the Sox still did fairly well managing 10 hits. Lugo kept his hit streak alive with 2 hits and Big Papi had a home run. J.D. is starting to look like the hitter he was last year and went 0-4. K-Rod came in the 9th and got the Sox out in order, there would be no joy in Mudville.

Sox Lose 6-4 BOX SCORE


Dice-K Scratched Late...Lester Starts

For the second straight day Tito has had to make a last minute pitching change; yesterday it was Beckett with a stiff neck, today it is Dice-K with the flu. The flu has been taking its toll on the Sox of late.


Tonight's Lineup vs Angels 4/23

Youk is out with a stiff back, Tek is still sick, Coco should be back tomorrow.

Ellsbury, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Drew, RF
Casey, 1B
Lugo, SS
Lowrie, 3B
Cash, C

Matsuzaka -- P


You Can Never Have Too Much Hank News

Today there is more Bronx controversy after Dumbass Hank said he wanted Mike Mussina to throw more like Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer. Mussina responded to Hank by saying: "He owns the team or runs the team or whatever it is; he can say whatever he wants to say, I'm not going to get into some verbal argument with somebody, because it's useless."

Bob Ryan compares Hank to Fredo Corleone. Watch it:


Injury Update

Tek- Still had the flu yesterday and with the Pauley call-up Pedroia was the emergency catcher. Tito told the media the following: “He says he can go back there, at this point, that’s good enough for me. We’ll get him some equipment that will fit him.”

Coco- Says he is feeling better and Tito said he may be in the lineup tomorrow. Can they really play him over Jacoby after last night?

Cora- Still a week away from being cleared to throw, Lowrie is the guy for now.

Lowell-Took BP yesterday and may play for the Paw Sox this weekend. With Casey playing great he can take his time getting back.

Beckett-Will skip the start and return Sunday against the Rays.

Delcarmen- has the flu and will not be available tonight.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forget The Winning Streak, Meet Tina Cervasio's Replacement

Former Miss San Diego Heidi Watney will be the new sideline reporter for NESN


Sox Win Another Thriller

Joe Castiglione called it the most exciting game of the season. The Red Sox came from behind twice tonight to keep the winning streak going. Jacoby Ellsbury was the hero of the game by hitting 2 homers and scoring the winning run after reaching on a bunt single.

Pauley struggled early but the Sox got him off the hook with a home run by Youkilis. Okajima had a big strikeout of Vlad in the 7th but he gave up the game tying home run on his first pitch of the 8th. Timlin relieved him in the eighth and earned the win, Papelbon had a save in the 9th.

Every starter of tonight's game besides Ortiz and Cash are batting above .300 and Lugo now has an 8 game hit streak. Pedroia has been on fire and continued to stay hot going 4-5 and hitting the go ahead double in the bottom of the 8th. The Sox are on an incredible run, enjoy it while it lasts.

Sox win 7-6 BOX SCORE


Beckett Scratched....Pauley to Start

Josh Beckett will not start tonight's game due to a stiff neck, David Pauley will get the start. Pauley was on notice when Beckett had the flu but he did not know about the start until 4 pm.


Tonight's Lineup 4/22 vs. Angels

Coco is still hurt, Tek still has the flu.

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Sean Casey, 1B
Kevin Cash, C
Julio Lugo, SS

Josh Beckett, P


More Trouble in the Bronx

The Yankee pitching staff is not getting it done and now Dumbass Hank is getting into the mix. His public outburst about Joba is now in all of the New York papers and is spilling over into the Boston media. Ha ha.


Now We Get To Play A Real Team

The Red Sox have finished their sweep of the last place Texas Rangers and now have a much better team to face. Boston will play a three game series against the Angels of Anaheim/California/Los Angeles/Bakersfield or wherever they are from this year. This will be the first meeting with the Angels since the Sox swept an injured and depleted team in the ALDS, they should be much healthier now. The Angels have Jared Weaver going tonight against Josh Beckett: advantage Sox. Weaver has lost 3 of his 4 starts. Manny will be back in the lineup but Coco is still hurt and Tek may still be out with the flu (Beckett had the flu over the weekend). Okajima and Papelbon are rested and ready to go. All signs point to a continued winning streak. No word if the Rem Dog will be back in the booth tonight,(back problems) but the Sox have proven the can win with the backups.


How Not To Catch A Foul Ball


Monday, April 21, 2008

Fan Fight at Yankee Stadium

Watch Yankee fans acting as the usually do during last week's Red Sox series.


Curse Jersey Now Going For 70K

The David Ortiz curse jersey from Yankee Stadium being auctioned on ebay is now at $70,200. There are 2 days left to bid. The winning bidder gets to have the jersey presented to them at a Red Sox game. Proceeds from the auction go to the Jimmy Fund.


Sox Complete 4 Game Sweep of Texas

The Red Sox beat the Rangers 8-2 on Patriots Day for the 4th straight victory against Texas. Boston scored 5 runs in the 4th and 3 more in the 5th. Texas pitching was abysmal giving up 12 hits and 11 walks. Youk's hit streak came to an end, Lugo went 4-4, Big Papi looked like he is over the hump, Ellsbury had 2 stolen bases and Thurston had a really bad day with a strikeout and 4 pop ups leaving 9 runners on base. No Manny, no Tek, no problem. Buchholz had his first win of the season. Sox win 8-3.

Box Score


Sox Are Pounding The Rangers

The Red Sox have scored 8 runs so far but it could be much worse for the Rangers. Boston has left bases 3 times. The Rangers pitchers have walked 10 batters. How about this day for Thurston (0-4 with 9 LOB) OUCH. Buchholz is done for the day after going 6 scoreless innings. Big Papi is 2-4 with 3 RBI's. Aardsma is in for Boston in the 7th and has given a run. The Sox lead 8-1.


Today's Lineup 4/21 vs. Texas

Manny gets another day off, Lowrie is in for Casey and Tek is sick with the flu.

2B Pedroia
DH Ortiz
1B Youkilis
RF Drew
3B Lowrie
SS Lugo
C Cash
LF Thurston

SP Buchholz


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Patriot's Day

Don't forget about the early start time: 11:05 am Eastern (8:05 Pacific)


Sox Find A Way to Win

They looked like they were going to lose for most of the game after the first batter for the Rangers hit a home run, but somehow the Sox managed to come from behind. With a lineup that many would not recognize a few years ago including: Lowrie, Cash, Pedroia, Ellsbury and Thurston, and without Manny the Sox got some key hits in the late innings. Lowrie, who looked like he might be the goat of the game after getting out twice with a runner on third and 1 out, hit an RBI double and scored in the 8th. Sean Casey walked with bases loaded in to put the Sox ahead for good. Sox win 6-5. Box Score


Manny Gets Tossed in the 2nd

Manny Ramirez took 3 strikes and stepped towards the dugout before turning and arguing. Whatever he said was not appreciated by the home plate ump who quickly ejected him. Joe Thurston will replace Manny which means Coco is still injured.


Today's Lineup 4/20 vs. Texas




Lowrie Looks Like He is Here To Stay

Jed Lowrie has been finding his way into games since he was called up from the Paw Sox. Today he will start at second and he will be at third on Patriot's Day. Last night he came in to pinch run for Sean Casey. He is a versatile fielder with good offensive skills making him very useful as a utility infielder and as the future shortstop for Boston. The Red Sox locked up Lugo for 3 more years at $12 million each, so he is going to be very hard to move unless they are willing to eat some of the payments. Alex Cora could be the odd man out. If you noticed the Red Sox are in no hurry to rush him back. When Mike Lowell comes back in a little over a week Theo will have a tough decision to make. Lowrie may be sent back down but it will not be for very long if Lugo continues to struggle. The papers would be all over Julio's rally killing double play last night but Manny's moon shot saved his bacon.



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