Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Mayor Has a New Town

Rob Bradford of WEEI is reporting that Sean Casey has retired and will be taking a position with MLB Network.


Red Sox Make Offer to Varitek

The Boston Red Sox have made an offer to Jason Varitek this week according to the Boston Globe:

The current offer to Varitek was made within the last three or four days, sources said, and it was unclear whether Varitek and Boras were presented with a deadline of any kind. Given that pitchers and catchers are due to report to Fort Myers for spring training on Feb. 12, however, it certainly would behoove both sides to resolve the matter quickly.

The report speculates the offer will be for 2 years. If the Red Sox can sign Varitek shortly they will have found the last piece of the puzzle and their roster will be complete.


Yankees May Still Get Manny

Manny Ramirez is busy playing video games and buying cars while Scott Boras continues to try to sell his client. So far there has been 1 offer (no longer on the table) from the Dodgers for two years. Boras tried to make it seem as if the Giants were interested but that has been discredited. Today the Mets said they want pitching so they are not interested in Ramirez. The Nats seem content to suck for the near future and the Angels have said they will not sign Manny now nor in the future. That leaves Manny with the choice of signing with LA if they put their offer back on the table or look for a deal elsewhere. The one team that still has the money and desire to sign Manny at a contract that would be acceptalbe to him is the New York Yankees. Boras knows how to play them and Hank loves Manny. Teams are dropping quick for Scotty boy so look for him to turn to the Bronx soon to sign his biggest client.


More Tickets On Sale Today

The Red Sox have released more tickets today, if you try to get some you are going to be stuck in the dreaded "virtual waiting room." Get ready to stare at the screen below and get frustrated. Several games are already sold out and the rest should go quickly. Good luck!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Pedroia Explains His Video Game Cover - Video

Watch Dustin Pedroia's photo shoot and interview about being the coverboy for MLB 09.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so all the "experts" think that the SOX need to get a bat that will put the fear into opposing pitchers again now that ManRam is gone. I wondered where they would they would put a slugger assuming the SOX were healthy.

Today, I was perusing the free agent list and stumbled across a name. Adam Dunn. Look, I can think of some reasons not to sign him:
1. Where would he play?
2. Approach as a hitter sucks, strikes out WAY TOO MUCH
3. He made 13 mil last year
4. Not a great defender but.........see below
5. Baldelli and Kotsay signings

But now lets think about the reasons TO sign him:
1. 40+ HR's last 5 yrs
2. Same career OBP (.381) as the Greek God of Walks (.385)
3. Cool nickname (The Big Donkey)
4. Kotsay 44 HR's in last 5 yrs/ Baldelli 52 career HR's
4. Could split time in at the following positions:

- Left: lets face it, he is 6"6' and could play even more shallow than Manny did, and you don't need speed to play left in Fenway, increase left handed presence against right handers that will be living on outside breaking balls against Bay this year.
- Right: to Spell JD
- First: in case Lowell isn't healthy,to spell Lowell or if he gets hurt again, Youk to third
- DH: protection if Papi falls apart like the Hit Dog, or rest for Papi.

I don't know what kind of $$$$$ he wants, but I would think that the price is going down day by day and that the SOX with their potential to win MIGHT be able to get a small discount.



Hartford Courant Cuts Loose Jeff Goldberg

In a sad day for the print media, the Hartford Courant has let Red Sox beat reporter Jeff Goldberg go.

"I just don't have a beat writer to cover it anymore," he said, noting last year's Sox scribe, Jeff Goldberg, took a buyout. "For the first time, we will not cover them home and away."

Goldberg's departure was part of a significant cut last September that reduced the paper's staffing by 25%. For sports, it marked the final cut in a beat coverage approach that had provided staff writers for the Red Sox, New England Patriots, New York Yankees and New York Giants in past years.

Goldberg was one of the best beat reporters covering the Sox last year so I would bet he ends up with another gig, most likely


Big Papi is Not Mo Vaughn

In today's Herald they compare David Ortiz to Mo Vaughn. They remind everyone how great Vaughn was before injuries took away his power and eventually ended his career:

So the Hit Dog is long gone, but we look back today for a reason: That elephant is back in the room at Fenway Park. The front-office wonks are different now, but the concern is the same. That big, powerful slugger with the cool nickname and the large appetite? How much does Big Papi have left? How long can that body hold up?

What was left out of the article was Vaughn's use of steroids which helped bring about his sudden downfall. Ortiz's knee injury can partially be attributed to his weight but the wrist injury should be gone now that he has time to rest. Big Papi will be back this season and in a big way, he is only two seasons removed from setting the Red Sox record for most home runs in a season. Ortiz may be on the down slope of his career but do not expect him to drop off of a cliff like Vaughn did.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What We Learned From the Papelbon Deal

The Red Sox effectively silenced their closer for the near future by giving him a heafty one year deal and avoiding arbitration. Rob Bradford of WEEI points out:

"The deal is the largest given to any first-year arbitration eligible pitcher, and is the third-highest agreed to by any first-year arbitration eligible player...What this shows is that the Red Sox have been listening to, recognizing, and agreeing to much of what Papelbon and his agents, the Levinsons, have been saying."

Papelbon wants to be the highest paid closer in baseball and wants to change the pay scale for closers. The recent contract shows that he may get what he wants but he now has the pressure to be the best closer in baseball this season if he wants to get the money he thinks he deserves.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Papelbon Avoids Arbitration, Signs 1 Year Deal

Jonathan Papelbon did not go for a long term deal but he did avoid arbitration with the Red Sox by signing a one year $6.25 million deal.


Red Sox in the WBC

The rosters were revealed today and here are the members of the Red Sox playing for each team:

Team USA - Pedroia and Youk

Canada - Jason Bay and George Kottaras

Japan - Daisuke Matsuzaka and Hideki Okajima

Puerto Rico -Javier Lopez and Mike Lowell

Dominican Republic - David Ortiz and Ramon Ramirez

The Netherlands -Dennis Neuman

South Africa - Justin Erasmus

Chinese Taipei - Chih-Hsien Chiang

Australia - Mitchell Dening

Panama - Angel Chavez


Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Sox & O's Trade Pitchers

The Red Sox have traded David Pauley to the Orioles for Randor Bierd. Don't really know what to think of this move other than "Randor Bierd" is an interesting name.


Sould Ortiz Play in the WBC?

Given that Ortiz has been hurt for the last 2 seasons, should he participate in the upcoming World Baseball Classic? Let's face it, Big Papi's knee is going to be a reoccurring problem and the more games he plays the harder it is going to be for him to generate power. Playing for the Dominican Republic must be an honor for him (even though he became an American citizen last year), but he should consider the risks. The WBC begins on March 5 and tickets for the games in San Diego and LA go onsale today.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Papelbon Will Not Follow Pedroia and Youk

Don't expect Jonathan Papelbon to sign a long term contract with the Red Sox this year. The Daily News is reporting that Paps is telling his friends he is not going to give up his free agency:

It's Papelbon's position that, in agreeing to switch from starter to closer two springs ago, he made the ultimate sacrifice for the Red Sox considering that closers make less than starters. They also break down more, while starters are coddled.

He does have a point with the money he gave up to become a closer but he also might learn that the market has changed; look at Manny or Tek. If Papelbon breaks down in the next few years he will have no shot at the big payday he is expecting. He should not close any doors on negotiations and work quietly with the team or he may alienate fans and other potential bidders.



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