Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, so all the "experts" think that the SOX need to get a bat that will put the fear into opposing pitchers again now that ManRam is gone. I wondered where they would they would put a slugger assuming the SOX were healthy.

Today, I was perusing the free agent list and stumbled across a name. Adam Dunn. Look, I can think of some reasons not to sign him:
1. Where would he play?
2. Approach as a hitter sucks, strikes out WAY TOO MUCH
3. He made 13 mil last year
4. Not a great defender but.........see below
5. Baldelli and Kotsay signings

But now lets think about the reasons TO sign him:
1. 40+ HR's last 5 yrs
2. Same career OBP (.381) as the Greek God of Walks (.385)
3. Cool nickname (The Big Donkey)
4. Kotsay 44 HR's in last 5 yrs/ Baldelli 52 career HR's
4. Could split time in at the following positions:

- Left: lets face it, he is 6"6' and could play even more shallow than Manny did, and you don't need speed to play left in Fenway, increase left handed presence against right handers that will be living on outside breaking balls against Bay this year.
- Right: to Spell JD
- First: in case Lowell isn't healthy,to spell Lowell or if he gets hurt again, Youk to third
- DH: protection if Papi falls apart like the Hit Dog, or rest for Papi.

I don't know what kind of $$$$$ he wants, but I would think that the price is going down day by day and that the SOX with their potential to win MIGHT be able to get a small discount.



Fenway West January 22, 2009 at 8:11 PM  

I say trade Drew and play Dunn in right.


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