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Yankee Owners on the Down Low

Gettin' harsh and nasty with the Yankees and Boras in a couple of R-rated posts, but you'll have to CLICK HERE if you want to read them. You've been warned.


Varitek Update

The Red Sox are still negotiating with Jason Varitek but since they have not landed a big bat yet they may not be as willing to sign him. Teagarden or Salty from Texas would be good offensive fits for Boston but the Sox are unwilling to pay the price (Buchholz or Bowden). Theo is stuck in a position he does not want to be in: keep a player beyond his prime or trade away one of his best homegrown prospects for an unknown. I highly doubt that the Red Sox will play the steep price for one of the Ranger's catchers so Tek should be coming back. If they do bring back Tek they are going to need to bring in a good backup too and somebody with some thump off of the bench. Last season Tito was very reluctant to pinch hit for Varitek late in games; if Tek comes back we better hope that Francona is not afraid to use the hook in those big situations.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Shopping Time

There are bargains to be had out there in the after-Christmas sales and the Red Sox need to join the masses and get busy shopping. Teixeira was really a luxury item for Boston, but the Red Sox have some absolute needs in the coming weeks and must fill these holes in order of importance:

1. Starting Catcher- whether it be Tek or a the catcher of the futre, the Red Sox need to fill this spot with a quality player.

2. 5th/Spot Starter- Right now the rotation is Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Wake and a question mark. Buchholz or Masterson could the guy but Theo wants to keep Masterson in the pen and I still don't have faith that Buchholz can step into the role just yet. Even if Buchholz is the 5th starter, the Red Sox still need a guy to step in when someone is hurt.

3. 4th Outfielder- there are multiple free agents out there who could fit in this spot or the Sox could go the trade route. There is also the slim chance that Lugo becomes the 4th outfielder.

4. Backup Catcher- with Cash gone the Sox need a backup catcher too. If Tek comes back it could a rookie they want to prepare for the future or a Mirabelli type to catch Wake.

5. Corner Infielder- this is not as urgent as Lowrie can play third and Papi can play first in a jam but the Sox still need to get a good hitting corner infielder to come off of the bench.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hideki Okajima

DOB 12/25/75


Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Youk to Play for Team USA in WBC

Kevin Youkilis will join Dustin Pedroia on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic this spring. No word on whether he will play 1st or 3rd base.

“For me, it’d be cool to represent my country,” Youkilis said. “If they ask me, yeah. Yeah, definitely. I’ll play. Cool experience. I’ve done a lot of great things, and that could be an added thing to put on the plate.”

UPDATE: David Wright and Chipper Jones will play third so Youk will be at first.


Mike Lowell- Safe at 3rd!

I'm extremely happy to see that Mike Lowell has a job with the Sox in 2009. While Mark Teixeira's bat and glove may have been a welcome presence in the Sox line up (to some), the heart and soul (aka chemistry) of the team that missed going to the 2008 WS by only one (1) game (with an injury riddled line up, taboot) would have no doubt been disrupted to an unfortunate end. Watch out for the Sox in 2009 with a healthy Papi and Lowell!

I don't care what ANYbody says- chemistry is just as important as talent. Case in point- the Yankees, who have plenty of talent, but have not had any chemistry since..... lemmee see..... um..... somebody please remind me the last time they even went to the WS, never mind WIN one?

Mark Teixeira's prescence in a Yankee clown suit guarantees them nothing, certainly not #27. It's that dark shadow that oozes pinstripe scum and greed, scum and greed (aka Boras) that Teixeira will have to scrub himself clean of since he will be next to the grandstanding greed king himself, A-Rod.

Not that I would ever wish ill upon a ball player, but in 2009, I see Sabathia showing up to ST with an extra 30#, Burnett getting 3 starts before his next trip to the DL, and Teixeira, well, he'll have to invest a ton of his $180m in A-Rod soap.

Last item- with that $180m not spent on Teixiera, sign 'Tek already!

Note about the photo- I googled 'A-Rod Soap' and I got 'soap on a rod'.


The Nation Reacts

The news of Mark Teixeira signing with the Yankees has now reached the farthest corners of Red Sox Nation and reactions are not hard to find.

Sox and Dawgs has a rundown of Red Sox bloggers on the issue.

The Bottom Line shows proof that Teixeira always wanted to be a Yankee.

Curt Schilling thinks Theo is making the right moves.

The AP says Recession is lost on the Yankees.

Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer points out what we already know: The New York Yankees represent the very worst of America.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees Sign Kevin Cash

The New York Yankees continue to sign players, now they have signed Kevin Cash. The day just got worse, not that Cash is the best player in the world but I did meet him last year and my son has an autograph from him that says "Go Sox!"


The Rivalry Adds Another Chapter

The Yankees acquisition of Mark Teixeira is bad news for the Red Sox. As a switch hitter Teixeira can take advantage of the short porch at Yankee Stadium and of the Green Monster when he comes to Fenway. With A-Rod and Teix signed to long term deals the Yankees should have solid offense for some time. By signing Teixeira the Yankees took away the one good power hitting free agent on the market for Boston. But things will only be bad if Mike Lowell and Ortiz do not bounce back this season. If they are both healthy the Red Sox should have no problem competing with the Yankees (and the Rays). If one of them does not start out well the Red Sox can make a midseason trade for some power. Lars Anderson could be the long term power solution in the lineup as well. Today's news adds some needed life into the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry that was losing a little steam. Openning Day is just a little over 3 months away.


BREAKING NEWS - Yankees Sign Teixeira

SI is reporting the Yankees will sign Teixeira shortly.

The story is also being reported by ESPN Radio and the NY Times.

The Herald has confirmed he will not be signing with Boston and will most likely go to the Bronx.

Peter Gammons has the deal at 8 years $180 million

This is a last minute coup for the Yankees, taking away the one big bat free agent out there for the Red Sox; a very interesting development to say the least. New York is going to have one fat payroll next season. This will also have an impact on other players:

The Angels have said that Manny will not play for them next season so where does that leave him? Back with the Dodgers?

The Yanks will probably not have enough money for D-Lowe so he may be back with the Sox.

UPDATE: Buster Olney has confirmed a deal has been made by the Yankees and Mark Teixeira for 8 years and more than $170 million.

The Adam Dunn talk has already begun on Sons of Sam Horn.


Get Off The Pot Already Mark Teixeira

So are we getting a decision today or are well all going for another ride on the Boras roller coaster?

Now the Yankees are back in the mix trying to mess things up for the Red Sox and there are also reports that Teixeira has still not made up his mind between the Nationals and Boston.


Report: Red Sox Could Announce Teixeira Signing Today

The Washington Times has a source telling them that an announcement from Mark Teixeira is coming today with most indications that he will be signing with Boston.

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports the Nats have no plans to make an announcement on Teixeira today. Merry Christmas Sox fans, looks like we may have a great 3-4 combination in the order again.


Roger* Gets Sued for Defamation

Roger Clemens* former trainer Brian McNamee has filled a defamation lawsuit against him according to published reports. Now Roger* is facing a federal perjury investigation, a defamation lawsuit, and is likely to have his own defamation lawsuit thrown out. How's that vindication thing going now?


Scott Boras Begs The Angels To Get Back in the Race for Teixeira

Scott Boras wrote a letter to the Orange County Register to let the Angels know they could still be in the race for Mark Teixeira if they wanted to be. He is trying to do some damage control after the Halos felt like they were being used to drive up the price for his client. One Angels beat reporter even called him the Anti-Christ.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Nats May Have Retaken the Lead in Teixeira Sweepstakes

The Nationals have upped their offer to Mark Teixeira to 8 years $178- 184 million. That might just be a little more than what the Red Sox have offered. With the Angels out there is a good chance that Teix will end up in D.C.


Report: Manny Close to Signing With Yankees

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic is reporting that Manny Ramirez is close to signing a three year $75 million contract with the Yankees. According to the report he could sign as early as today.

UPDATE: Brian Cashman has said the report is not true in a text message.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Angels Give Up Hope for Teixeira

The Angels have withdrawn their offer to Mark Teixeira according to the LA Times:

Boras is reportedly seeking an eight-year deal for at least $180 million, and a source familiar with the Angels' thinking maintained all last week that owner Arte Moreno had no plans to sweeten the deal.

"Arte is sticking to his guns on this one," the source said.

That leaves the Red Sox (no matter what John Henry said) the Nats, and the O's in the bidding. The O's don't look like they will offer as much as the Nats. The Red Sox may get a better price for Teixeira than Boras was looking for as the competition drops out.

UPDATE: Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports says the Red Sox have had no contact with Boras since John Henry's email saying they were out.


Manny Thinks Yanks Will Give Him 3 Years

A person close to Manny Ramirez told the Daily News that he thinks the Yankees will be offering him at least a three year contract. Three years might be all it takes to land Manny. Are you prepared to see Manny in pinstripes? This would certainly make the rivalry even more interesting.



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