Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Rivalry Adds Another Chapter

The Yankees acquisition of Mark Teixeira is bad news for the Red Sox. As a switch hitter Teixeira can take advantage of the short porch at Yankee Stadium and of the Green Monster when he comes to Fenway. With A-Rod and Teix signed to long term deals the Yankees should have solid offense for some time. By signing Teixeira the Yankees took away the one good power hitting free agent on the market for Boston. But things will only be bad if Mike Lowell and Ortiz do not bounce back this season. If they are both healthy the Red Sox should have no problem competing with the Yankees (and the Rays). If one of them does not start out well the Red Sox can make a midseason trade for some power. Lars Anderson could be the long term power solution in the lineup as well. Today's news adds some needed life into the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry that was losing a little steam. Openning Day is just a little over 3 months away.


Tom,  December 23, 2008 at 5:37 PM  

Sure, I can and have rationalized that the red sox don't need to spend silly amounts to add Texeira to a very good lineup ... I'm just a little tired of having red sox management look like a bunch of amateurs in the negotiation process.


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