Saturday, December 28, 2013

Helping Sonoma Dave w/neurological disorders

In 2006, weird things started to happen to my body. I couldn't tell you if these involuntary leg movements lasted 30 seconds or 5 minutes. They started off infrequently, but eventually became a nightly occurrence. Both my legs continue to shake uncontrollably 7+ years later. Involuntary movements- shakes, shivers, stutters, twitches, tremors, trembling, tingling; insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, numbness- have become a regular, daily and debilitating part of my life. There is so much more to tell regarding my symptoms and syndromes. My doctors won't even say the word Fibromyalgia, and they tell me that is not Parkinson's, but they won't tell me, or they don't know, what it is. I would like to try Eastern therapies, but they are generally not covered by MediCare or MediCal.

I've been living on a disability check (about 60% of my former meager paycheck) for over 5 years now. I've downsized, culled, sold, given away. I no longer have a storage unit. Everything I own fits into this one bedroom apartment. I used to buy a dozen fresh bagels a week, with cream cheese. I switched to store bought bagels and butter. Now it's sliced wheat bread. I go to the Redwood Empire Food Bank 2x/month. I don't go to movies, I have no premium cable packages. I haven't paid for any organic meds in over 2 years. I rarely drink alcohol anymore. It's cold in this apartment in the winter, and I am bundled up. Some weeks I only start my van up once for a trip into town. I have been waiting for 4+ years for my Section 8 voucher. They told me there was a 4-6 year waiting list.

I have very little left to sell. I peruse on-line selling emporiums to check on the demand for similar items to what I own, and there are very few bids, if any, on them. I have no savings left. I've worked for neighbors a bit here, a bit there. I have a sporadic, part-time contract job that helped me scrape by, but my contact there was laid off after 17+ years. By merger or acquisition, I suppose my tenure as an independent contractor there is now suspect. My father would kick down for me once in a while, but he has little left to give now.

I was without health coverage for 2.5 years before my MediCare finally kicked in, only to find out that it doesn't cover everything. I have been living as frugally as I can, and look for more ways to cut expenses, yet I found myself in over $3000 of debt. All medical bills finally went to collections agencies and ruined my rebuilt credit rating. I am also late on my rent payment each month and am behind in my PGnE bill as well, and will fall even more behind. (It's been cold this winter!) I also need new glasses as my vision is deteriorating and it's difficult to read this screen most of the time, and we all know how much glasses cost.

One of my bands, the Cancer Sucks Band, is a not-for-profit organization that only performs at fundraisers for the Jimmy Fund, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society. My main band, Planet Waves~ A Tribute to Bob Dylan, doesn't make enough to cover gas money, never mind enough for sticks, heads, and rehearsal studio time.

Drumming and walking are the only physical activities in which I still partake. Drumming is almost, if not downright, spiritual. It is an aerobic physical activity. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to provide happiness for others through the music we make. But the symptoms and syndromes aforementioned above have exacerbated in 2013 to the point that it has greatly interfered with my timing. But this is not a good thing for the timekeeper in a band.

I see organizations and web sites such as Sweet Relief, but I do not meet their qualifications. With dwindling options and resources, I turn to my community of friends, musicians and baseball associates, as well as any other kind, benevolent and/or philanthropic person who may be reading this. If you can spare anything- $10, $5 or even $1, please click on this button which leads to my PayPal account which I created when I started selling my stuff on eBay. Anyone who donates at least $10 will receive a CD of live recordings on which I play drums or congas. I have played with some very notable Bay Area and nationally known players. I will be grateful to the end of my days.

Click here to help:
Thank you for reading this.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rock & Sox~ A Benefit for The Jimmy Fund

Rock & Sox - A Benefit for The Jimmy Fund,

with ‘The Cancer Sucks Band’

featuring Dave Stein, Pat Nevins, Jeff Faust and Sam Flot

and very special guests to be announced soon.

Fenway West’s California Cancer Benefit

will be held after the SOX @ SFG game on

Saturday, June 26th at

The Connecticut Yankee

Connecticut Avenue & 17th Street, San Francisco,

located less than 2 miles from The SF Giants' AT&T Park.

After the game is over, come on over to The Connecticut Yankee for a night of great food and great music as The Cancer Sucks Band features some of the best Bay Area musicians and will bring you on a musical journey from Boston to San Francisco. The Connecticut Yankee has a great menu, great food, great beer, wide screen TV, and regularly hosts nationally known bands as well as up and coming bands that have great potential for success.

Bookmark Rock & Sox for updates about this event.
Facebook group page, click here
Facebook event page, click here

Follow on Twitter, too:

And if you’re curious as to how a Red Sox bar came to have a name like 'The Connecticut Yankee', or as it is known locally, The Yankee, click here.


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Saturday, October 3, 2009


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Huge Trouble at Short

Alex Gonzalez may have a hairline fracture in his right hand from getting beaned last night.  Tito explained the injury:

"Gonzie got a flor-scan, flor-scope, whatever they call that thing in there," he said. "It was actually a little bit inconclusive. That doesn't mean that -- I think they just feel a little more comfortable if they get some x-rays tomorrow morning. Paulie said it could be as little as a blood vessel. But it doesn't seem like a real good time to not -- we weren't going to play him tomorrow night anyway, so we'll get him checked a little bit further."
Green is still out with the leg injury, Lowire is not 100% and Woodward is away from the team for the birth of his kid.  If Gonzalez can't go the Red Sox get worse defensively.  They may have to go with Chris Woodward in the playoffs, he is only batting .215 with an OPS of .520 in 33 games this season.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Rookie Hazing at Fenway

The Cleveland Indians have no shortage of players making their major league debuts and the hazing of rookie players was on display in and around Fenway tonight.

When (Trevor) Crowe walked into the visitor's locker room at Fenway Park on Friday, he saw his brand new baseball shoes sitting on a chair in front of his locker frozen into a block of ice. Even the inside of the shoes were filled with ice.

and there was this:


Sox and Dawgs to return

On September 18, Ian Bethune shut down his popular blog, Sox and Dawgs, leaving a semi-cryptic message on a blank white page. Today, he twittered that he will be returning to blogging soon.

For more about Ian Bethune and Sox and Dawgs, read Batter-up with Bruno.


Is this the same team that beat the Yanks 22-4?!

Dice-K hurled 104 pitches in 6 innings, giving up 5 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs, while striking out 7 Indians in his final tune up before the ALDS begins. Since returning from the DL, his record stands at 3-1 with a 2.22 ERA.

Ellsbury swiped #69 (3B no less) and was caught on his 2nd attempt at stealing third. The Sox had most of their usual starters in the lineup today after getting the day off yesterday. Only Drew and Papi were out today, with ‘Tek behind the dish, V-Mart at 1B, Youk at 3B, and Lowell at DH. 8 hits brought in 6 runs.

The Chinese New Year’s Bullpen Dragon was manned by Wagner, Ramirez, Bard, and Saito: 3 IP, 3 H’s, 1 BB, 0 R’s (total for the crew.) No position players pitched for the Sox today.

Sox Win 6-2 BOX SCORE

Red Sox

One other score of note: TBY 13, NYY 4 BOX SCORE
At first I thought that NY was resting all their regular starters, but no, that was not the case. Why couldn't Sabathia pitch like that last week. Grrrrr............


Red Sox Lineup 10/2 vs the Tribe

Jacoby Ellsbury-CF
Dustin Pedroia-2B
Victor Martinez-1B
Kevin Youkilis-3B
Jason Bay-LF
Mike Lowell-DH
Rocco Baldelli-RF
Jason Varitek-C
Alex Gonzalez-SS



The Running Game Will Cut Both Ways in the ALDS

Red Sox fans are very worried that Tek and V-Mart will struggle to gun down the speedy LAA Angels baserunners.  They have reason to be concerned but as Angels blog points out, so do Angels fans:

Meanwhile, the Angels have only thrown out 23 percent of prospective base stealers. That’s mediocre.
In last year’s playoffs, the Angels’ small-ball approach probably hurt them more than helped them. The Red Sox are more selective with their aggressive running. When they go, they make sure they can make it.

Fear not Sox fans, everything is working out according to plan.


On Field Photo Day

Want to get your picture with a Red Sox player?  Get to tonight's game early and you can go out on the warning track for the shot:

Friday, October 2 – On-Field Photo Day – Fans will have a chance to get a photograph with a player before the game during On-Field Photo Day.  Fans will be invited to head to the warning track on the field as soon as the gates open at 5:10 p.m.  Players will come out to the field and greet fans for approximately one hour.

Will Manny Delcarmen be standing all by himself?


This Might Be the Most Disturbing Thing You Read All Day

As if the freezing and severing of Ted William's head was not enough, a new book now claims that employees of the cryonics facility that has his body have been doing extremely bizarre things to his remains:

In "Frozen," Larry Joohnson, a former exec at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale Ariz., graphically describes how The Splendid Splinter" was beheaded, his head frozen and repeatedly abused:
Johnson writes that holes were drilled in Williams' severed head for the insertion of microphones, then frozen in liquid nitrogen while Alcor employees recorded the sounds of Williams' brain cracking 16 times as temperatures dropped to -321 degrees Fahrenheit.
Johnson writes that the head was balanced on an empty can of Bumble Bee tuna to keep it from sticking to the bottom of its case.
Johnson describes watching as another Alcor employee removed Williams' head from the freezer with a stick, and tried to dislodge the tuna can by swinging at it with a monkey wrench.
I do not understand how people can ever become this crude.  Hopefully an investigation will lead to prision time for these employees and Ted Williams will be unfrozen and cremated as he asked to be in his will.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jonny Lester is BACK!!! So good, so good, so good!

OK. So the Red Sox came into this game on a 6 game losing streak. The boys didn't NEED a win, but I am sure they wanted one. I know I wanted one. This game was the first time back on the mound for Jon Lester since he was hit above the knee at Yankee Stadium. Pretty much everyone was waiting with baited breath to see how Lester was going to bounce back. People were concerned about Lester being hit and also about how Lester pitched in the few innings before he left the game. So, this game that doesn't mean anything...seemed all kinds of important.

The offense got Lester out to a quick lead with Youk's sac fly in the 1st inning. Ortiz got his 97th RBI in the 3rd on a line drive, followed by a RBI single by JayBay to have the Red Sox leading 3-0. The drama of the evening was the Tribe's pitcher, Carrasco being hit by a line drive in the 4th that was eerily reminiscent to Jonny Lester being hit. He left the game and reports are that he is ok. Thank goodness for that. The bullpen came in for the Indians and took care of business for Carrasco.

So, how did Lester do???

Lester's line. 6.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 7 K on 84 pitches. Basically...Lester was all chuck full of awesome and showed that not only is he back, but he seems READY for the post season. Lester struck out the side in the 5th and his off speed pitches just looked nasty. Lester walked the first batter in the 7th inning and Tito took him out. Bard came in...gave up a hit...and hit a batter. With the bases loaded and one out, it looked like the Red Sox might be in trouble. Bard lucked out with an awesome Gonzo/Pedey DP and got out of the inning without any damage done. Wagner followed with a 1-2-3 in the 8th and Pap closed out the 9th with an awesome 1-2-3 of his own. Pap looked like he is locked and ready for October...throwing 11 pitches, 9 for strikes to get through the inning.


Yeah. It officially feels like Soxtober.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Indians 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0
Red Sox 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 12 0


Ricco Petrocelli Gets a New Baseball Radio Show

Red Sox great Ricco Petrocelli will start a new show on baseball history entitled "Remember When." He will co-host the show with Mitch Williams an will interview past baseball greats.

Petrocelli signed with the Red Sox in 1963 and played all of his 13 Major League seasons in Boston. A two-time All-Star, Petrocelli led all American League shortstops in fielding percentage in 1968 and 1969. In 1969 he hit 40 home runs, fourth most in the AL, a single season record for a shortstop at the time. Over his career, he played in two World Series (1967, 1975) and hit 210 home runs with 773 RBI and 653 runs in 1553 games. He was inducted into the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame in 1997.

The first show is on Saturday, October 3 (8:00 – 10:00 am ET)on XM radio's Home Plate channel. It should be an interesting listen.


Red Sox Lineup 10/1 vs the Indians

Jacoby Ellsbury-CF
Dustin Pedroia-2B
Victor Martinez-C
Kevin Youkilis-1B
David Ortiz-DH
Jason Bay-LF
Mike Lowell-3B
Joey Gathright-RF
Alex Gonzalez-SS

Jon Lester-SP


Smoltzie. You lost. Ya big baby...

So, it seems that John Smoltz and the Cardinals are blaming his loss yesterday...not on his suck, but on the unrubbed balls he was given for the game.

I'll admit it...I openly am annoyed by John Smoltz and everything he does. I was SO excited when he signed with the team. On his first outing with the Red Sox...I jumped around proclaiming it John Smoltz Day. Since then, Smoltz has done nothing but disappoint me. He didn't pitch well with us...and seemingly was not ready for the challenge, especially in the AL East. He seemed arrogant in his post game interviews. Then, he left...went to the Cards and seemed to pitch "lights out." Maybe that shouldn't annoy me...but it does. If he was going to be pitching lights out, it should be for us.

But, I digress. So, last night...Smoltz walks an uncharacterist 5 people. He says it is because he was given "unrubbed balls." (Insert your own joke here...they write themselves!) Fine. It seems like classic not taking responsibility for your own suck, but fine. I can't see Joshie Beckett ever blaming one of his losses on something else. That's just not how he rolls...

The next part is what really annoys me. Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan goes on to say that the reason Bronson Arroyo didn't have that same hard time was because he was using pine tar that he had on his ball cap.

Duncan, who said the umpires told him the baseballs indeed were rubbed up, said Arroyo was able to deal with the issue because "I'm sure he had pine tar on his cap. He didn't have any problem getting a grip. Balls like that can generate a lot more movement than a slick ball that hasn't been rubbed up."

Asked if he had seen Arroyo go to his cap, Duncan said, "Just every pitch."

So, not only is Smoltzie not responsible for his loss, but Arroyo and the Reds are cheaters. Umm. No. Ridiculous. It's like that immature 7th grade response..."I lost, but it's because you all CHEATED." My response. Grow up.


The "Dangerous" Red Sox

The Sporting News picks the Red Sox as the most dangerous wild card team in the playoffs:

To win in October, a team needs power pitching, at least one big-time slugger, a dominant closer and a chip on its shoulder (the "we don't get any respect" angle is always popular).
No team features a better mix of these ingredients than the Red Sox.

I have to agree with them on this one.  If the Sox get good efforts out of Lester, Beckett, Buchholz and Dice-K they will be very tough to beat.  The addition of V-Mart has made the offense very powerful and there are enough good arms in the pen.  I say bring on the Angels and let's send 'em home again.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halladay flattens PawSox

Today’s Sox line-up looked more like the Pawtucket Red Sox starting 9 than Boston’s normal starting line-up. All the regular position starters except for Papi and Gonzie had the day off to rest, as the Sox have qualified for the playoffs. Halladay had a no hitter going through the fifth when Joey Gathright singled. It took Halladay all of 100 pitches to dispense the Sox, allowing three piddly hits, walking two, and striking out six in his shutout performance. His opponent on the mound for the Sox was the elder statesman Tim Wakefield, who did not fare so well. In his shortest outing of the season, Wake gave up 7 hits and 5 runs.

Auditions were being held for the postseason bullpen roster: Cabrera, Richardson, Delcarmen, Jones, Okajima, and Brown. Wait a minute- Brown? Brown who? Catcher Dusty Brown was the third position player to be used as a relief pitcher this season by the Sox, Nick Green and Jonathan Van Every preceding him, setting a record in the process. Brown actually made it through the 9th inning allowing only 2 hits and 1 run, which was better than Francisco Cabrera and Manny Delcarmen. Cabrera gave up 3 runs in his 1 inning, Delcarmen gave up 3 hits and 2 runs. Yes, another disaster for MDC, but will it spell doom for Manny’s playoff spot? And what of Wake’s poor showing in his last game of the regular season as well? These are questions that won’t be answered until the last playoff spot has been determined (Twins or Tigers) and New York decides which playoff schedule they prefer.

The glowing embers of tonight’s Roadhouse burning down include Richardson and Jones who each pitched scoreless innings, and Joey Gathright. Gathright went 2 for 4 and made a diving catch that would make Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury proud.

PawSox Lose 0-12 BOX SCORE


Sox & Yanks '09 matching postseason caps

Thanks to Lisa Swan of The Faster Times for pointing out that the Red Sox and the Yankees postseason caps are nearly identical, except for the 'B' on the Sox caps and the 'NY' on the evil caps. The only other difference is the Yankees hat says 'Division Champs' and the Sox caps read 'Wild Card Champs'. But as you learned in my previous post, it don't mean a GD thing until you win 11 more games after the first 162.


No worries

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald says the Sox' slide means little, everything gets reset back to zero. He tells of the last weeks and mediocre performances of previous World Series' winners, including the 2004 and 2007 Sox World Series winning teams. He says "hot doesn't mean squat"; and cold doesn't necessarily equate with mold.

The Red Sox aren't worried, just the fans and the bloggers, I guess.


I Met Pedey Part 3: Pedroia Q&A

Since I am still reliving the awesome that was yesterday....getting to go to Fenway...go on the tour and meet Dustin Pedroia as part of the Dunkin' Donuts Perks Most Value Tour...I will let you all in on the Q&A that Pedey did with the fans.


I am a dork, but you will all benefit from my dorkiness. I took some notes while Pedey was answering questions. Dave O'Brien, radio sportscaster started off by asking Pedey a few questions and then turned it over to the crowd.


Pedey began by gushing about the newest Pedroia, Dylan. He says he already looks good in a Sox uniform and that he has that baby fat, but a few muscles emerging already. O'Brien asked if Pedey would be disappointed if Dylan didn't wanna play ball when he grew up. Pedey smiled and said no. He said as long as Dylan is a good kid and enjoys himself...then that is all he can ask for. It's obvious he is just in love with that little well he should be.


O'Brien asked Pedey about his relationship with Tito...saying it has been reported a lot about it. Pedey's response, "I just flat out hate him" followed by a big laugh. He went on to say how great Tito has been to him. He talked about when he first came up and struggled so much and Tito never gave up on him...and how that made such a difference. He said Tito was awesome and so grateful he gave him a chance.

He also said that Tito kicks his butt in cribbage daily and said he is finally willing to openly admit that Pedey is in fact not very good at it. I think it's the first time I've heard the adorable ego that is Pedey admit he is not good at anything.


Pedey admitted that he likes Jeter. We all knew this since they've been WBC BFFs for a while now. He said that Jeter has been to the World Series 6 times, won 4...and for someone to have that level of success, everyone respects him. I agree. I can't say I have Jeter hate. I have to respect the way Jeter has played the game, even if he plays for EVIL.


Pedey said he has really enjoyed having Gonzo in the lineup. He said that when he came up in 06, Gonzo was on the it didn't take much time for them to get comfy working the double team action together. He said that Gonzo just makes it look easy.

Pedey also talked a bit about V-MART. He said that Theo easily got the best available player on the market in V MART. And made a special note that he did it last year with JayBay as well. Pedey said that the Sox were one game away from the World Series last year and that having V MART on the should bring us that one extra game we need to get back there. Sounds like people on the team are really loving having V MART around.

O'Brien asked about JayBay's upcoming free agency and if Pedey tried to talk him into resigning. You could tell Pedey didn't want to answer this one. He said that JayBay has to take care of his family...first and foremost. He said that he doesn't really get the whole free agency stuff since he lucky never had to be a part of it. He did joke that a lifetime supply of Dunkin' Donuts might get the deal done.


Pedey was asked what other ballparks besides Fenway he likes to play in. He said he likes to play in Anaheim. "The park is nice, the weather is always nice and they have the rally monkey there." Giggles. He also said he likes playing in Seattle. I guess Pedey is not bothered by the constant we all know I am. DAMN TRAINS. Sorry, back to Pedey. He also said when they played interleague at Houston...he liked that park. He did finish off by saying there is no better ballpark in the world than Fenway Park. Well done sir, well done.


Someone asked if Pedey had any superstitions before or during the game. He said he didn't and that he didn't believe in it. He said that people get their usual routine, but that he didn't think that made a difference. He said he could go right from an event like this to playing the game...and would be fine. He did make fun of Nomar playing with his batting gloves for a bit. It was cute.

He was asked to share a fellow teammate's superstition. He said that there are 3 bathroom stalls in the bathroom. A certain player (which player???'s for me to know and you to find out) came into the clubhouse during the game and went to the bathroom...came back a minute later and went back into another stall. Pedey asked what he was doing...and said player said, "I didn't get a hit. I'm gonna try this stall." Good to know that actual baseball players do the same stupid things I do during the game...and think they matter. Someday...I'll write a post where we can list all our superstitions. Mine are pretty ridiculous, but I still do them.


Pedey obvious is not a fan of the media attention in Boston. He went on to say you have to have a thick skin to play in Boston. He was asked if he reads any of the blogs or social media. He said no, he doesn't. He said the only thing he uses his computer for is checking his fantasy football team. LOL He said all that stuff can get overwhelming if you let it, so most of the players just ignore it. He did say that he sees that he has a Twitter...and made the point that it was not him. He said he didn't care and hopes the guy is having fun being him on a computer. Oh if only Pedey knew he wasn't alone...with the fake Jacoby and the fake Jed.

Pedey went out of his way to say that "O% of what the media reports is true."

And as I said before, Pedey went off a little bit on the idea of the sports media having an opinion if or how the Red Sox should celebrate clinching the post season. Pedey said that the team felt that last night would be the night to clinch. He was just wasn't done with a win. When asked what he thought of the sports radio talk about it...I actually wrote down the quote:

"We'll handle this. We don't need sports media to decide how we should handle it. We are going to do whatever the hell we want to."


Someone asked Pedey how he thought his numbers compared to the great Red Sox second basemen. Pedey said that he doesn't really pay attention to #s...followed by "I don't count good." He said that the only stat he really pays attention to is runs scored.

Pedey said that the great second baseman Bobby Doerr asked him to sign a ball for him. Pedey agreed and when he sent it to him...he said, "Hey, doesn't he send me one back???" So, Bobby Doerr just recently sent him a ball back. Doerr wrote on it, "Dustin, Congrats on winning the MVP." and did not sign his name. Pedey asked who the ball was from....they told him Doerr. Pedey said that "doesn't he have a name??" and that someone might wanna explain to Doerr how this whole signed baseball thing works.


Pedey talked about that series. He begrudging admitted that losing the two games in KC might have changed the game plan going into NY. He also talked about watching Lester getting hit. He said that as a batter...he has been there in those situations. He said that seeing him being hit in the knee was really scary since Lester is such a huge key to any post season success. Pedey said that he would rather be drilled in the ribs anytime than be hit in the knee. Interesting.


Someone asked Pedey what is the worst he has ever gotten from a runner sliding into him and taking him out when he is trying to turn a double play. He said it was the ChiSox's Carlos Quentin. He said that it was ironic because Carlos is one of his best friends in the league. He said they knew each other from the college days and what not. When Carlos took him out...Pedey went down flat. He said it knocked him out cold. Carlos got up, asked him if he was ok. Pedey said, "Umm, not really. What were you doing? I weigh 160 pounds." Carlos's response, "Dude, you are on the other team." He chuckled.

That's about least what I can make out of my spotty memory and my scribbly notes.

Oh Yeah...Pedey isn't a big fan of hockey. When he said that...some members of the crowd gasped. He assured them...."I am a Bruins fan now. Calm down."

It was a good time had by all. I feel so lucky to be there and get to just listen to Dustin talk. He really is down to earth and just seems like a normal guy. He also seems pretty honest. They was never a time when I felt he was given the "canned" answer.

Thanks again to Dunkin' Donuts for the opportunity. They are always having more opportunities....with the Red Sox, the Celts and the Patriots. If you wanna be a lucky duck just like me...sign up for the DD Perks program. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Red Sox Lineup 9-30 vs Toronto

Joey Gathright-CF
Josh Reddick-LF
Casey Kotchman-1B
David Ortiz-DH
Rocco Baldelli-RF
George Kottaras-C
Alex Gonzalez-SS
Jed Lowrie-3B
Chris Woodward-2B

Tim Wakefield-SP


Billy Wagner is Unsure About 2010

Red Sox reliever Billy Wagner has not made a decision about pitching next season.  He was asked the question on XM's MLB Home Plate yesterday:

Jody McDonald: “Is it a given that Billy Wagner is going to play in 2010?”

Billy Wagner: “No, sir.  That’ll be up to (laughs), obviously, my wife.  She’s been telling me to play and I told her, I said, ‘I don’t know about all this.’  I said, ‘Let’s just talk about it when we get home.’  I’ve enjoyed it.  It’s been a blessing to get back and have an opportunity like this but, you know, it’s a young man’s game.”


Q&A With New Red Sox Beat Writer Peter Abraham

Peter Abraham will be joining the Boston Globe to cover the Red Sox very soon, and he was nice enough to answer a few questions for us.

FW: Will you have your own blog with the Globe or will you blog as a part of Extra Bases?

Peter Abraham: I will be blogging for Extra Bases but the plan is to really ramp it up with plenty of content, new features, multi-media, etc.

FW: Who was your favorite player growing up?  

Peter Abraham: Probably George Brett, who I really admired as a hitter. I also watched a lot of Braves games on cable and liked Dale Murphy. And like every kid in New England of a certain age, I tried to make diving catches in my back yard like Freddy Lynn did.

FW: What are you most excited about in the new job?

Peter Abraham:  I've wanted to work for the Globe since I started in the newspaper business when I was a 16-year-old part-timer at The Standard Times in New Bedford. The additional benefit if I get to live close to my parents and sisters and their respective families. Plus I have a lot of friends in New England from college and previous jobs.

FW: Do you think the Red Sox and Yankees will meet in the ALCS?

Peter Abraham: I actually do and I wrote that before I got my new job. I think they have the two best teams in the league — assuming Beckett and Lester are healthy.


Should the Red Sox have celebrated? Hell Yeah!

So, the Red Sox clinched the wild card last night when the Angels nicely beat the Rangers. We all were hoping that the boys would clinch with a win and we'd get to see a crazy celebration on the front of the fans. However, our late innings rally was a run or two too short.

There is a lot of discussion last night and this morning...that the Red Sox should not have had a celebration following their 5th straight loss. A lot of people think it is bad form....or embarrassing.

I am not one of those people. I'm gonna give you just one little highlight of my Pedey Q&A article this evening. Dave O'Brien started off the Q&A asking Pedey some basic questions before turning it over to the fans.

One question he asked Pedey was about how they planned to celebrate when they clinch. O'Brien said that a lot of sports radio people were discussing if they should be celebrating at all and in what way...

It's one of the only times I say Pedey get annoyed and a little disgrunted. His response was...that he did not feel it was the media, sports radio or anyone else's job to decide how or if they will celebrate. He followed it with this statement, "We're the ones who will put the work in to clinch, so we can decide to celebrate any damn way we want." That was followed by a bunch of cheers...myself included. LOUDLY.

The Red Sox won the wildcard...and we know for sure that they are going to the post season. I am celebrating that. I think the Red Sox should celebrate that. It would have been better to celebrate clinching because of a win...instead of a Ranger loss, but it's still pretty kick arse.

My thoughts...the Red Sox put the work in all season long in order to be in the position to clinch, no matter how it comes. A lot of other teams would wish to be in that position. When you know you are going to the post season...champagne should fly...Pap should wear almost no clothing and don a hat made out of a beer case.

All it my little old that you got in, not how you got in. And maybe all of this spectulation on how the right way to "celebrate" is why the Red Sox decided to celebrate behind the closed doors of the clubhouse and not let the media in. It's their celebration....and Pedey is right...they can do it however the hell they want.

Let's Go Red Sox! We are officially headed to Soxtober!!!


J-Bay Talks About the Playoffs

Jason Bay spoke with reporters after the Red Sox clinched the wild-card late last night.  Watch below:



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