Saturday, October 3, 2009

Huge Trouble at Short

Alex Gonzalez may have a hairline fracture in his right hand from getting beaned last night.  Tito explained the injury:

"Gonzie got a flor-scan, flor-scope, whatever they call that thing in there," he said. "It was actually a little bit inconclusive. That doesn't mean that -- I think they just feel a little more comfortable if they get some x-rays tomorrow morning. Paulie said it could be as little as a blood vessel. But it doesn't seem like a real good time to not -- we weren't going to play him tomorrow night anyway, so we'll get him checked a little bit further."
Green is still out with the leg injury, Lowire is not 100% and Woodward is away from the team for the birth of his kid.  If Gonzalez can't go the Red Sox get worse defensively.  They may have to go with Chris Woodward in the playoffs, he is only batting .215 with an OPS of .520 in 33 games this season.


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