Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Sox Plan to Start Beckett on Saturday

When the Angels beat the Rangers last night it put the Red Sox within one win of making the playoffs.  The Sox have 6 more games to get that win and in reality, they could make the playoffs without winning another game if the Rangers lose just one more.  With that kind of leaway Tito will rest some players throughout the week but he still plans on having Beckett make his next start. 

“During the game isn’t the easiest time to discuss that stuff, but we talked a little bit,” Francona said. “We’ll see how he does. I think our thought right now is that we’ll probably keep him on his turn, which means he’ll pitch Saturday. We just want to make sure we do what is in his best interest, and that’s probably realistic. That doesn’t mean it’s a done deal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it works out.”


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