Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steve Berthiaume of ESPN on Lugo

During the recap of the A's rout by the Sox tonight on Baseball Tonight, one of the replays was of a great Lowrie-Pedroia-Youkilis double play. Berthiaume then declares "You may never see Lugo again!"

One could only wish.


Manny Thinks He's Staying in Ellay (LMAO)

Manny says he wants to finish his career in LA. In classic "Manny-Being-Manny" unintelligible-speak he said:

"The Dodgers brought me here to end my career in this city -- at least that's what I'm thinking. However, we haven't even discussed the future. I'm simply starting to know this team," Ramirez said.

Maybe they understand that down in La-La Land.


Youk the Force!

Jon Lester gave up 2 runs in the top of the 1st on a HR by Emil Brown of the A's and that was it. The Sox came roaring back in the bottom of the 1st with 5 runs, including 3 when Jason Bay hit his 1st HR in a Sox uniform. It was another huge shot, this one hitting the Volvo sign above The Green Monster. Mike Lowell, bad hip and all, and visibly not at full speed, legged out a close double in the 3rd. The onslaught continued when Lowrie hit a double deep to right to knock in all 3 runners on base at the time. Down by 6 in the 3rd and no outs, Gerren, manager of the A's, should have left starting pitcher Eveland in the game to finish his turn in the barrel. They used most of their bullpen the previous night, and it was looking like it would be getting taxed heavily tonight. The A's have a grueling schedule in August: 30 games in 31 days, 20 of them on the road. Not looking good for the A's. I expect a freefall from them this month.

Former Sox hurler Lenny DiNardo entered the game in the 3rd inning and promptly gave up a double to The (not quite dead yet) Captain and a sharp, hard hit liner by Crisp straight to 3B Jack Hannahan.

The Sox weren't done yet. Youk had 2 Monster clearing taters, Bay, Lowell, and Lowrie all had multi-hit games as well as 'Tek, who was 2 for 3 with 1 RBI. 14 hits produced 12 runs. The bats are back. Jon Lester went 7 IP, 7 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 5 K's. Masterson and Smith mopped up, 0 hits, 0 runs, 1 BB, 3 K's between them.

This was a good TEAM effort.

Sox win 12-2: BOX SCORE


Manny Who?

Taters heal all wounds. Isn't that how the saying goes? Jason Bay treated Red Sox fans to his first home run as a Red Sox outfielder, driving in 3 runs earlier tonight against Oakland.

Who was that guy who used to play in left? I think I like this Bay character.


One Step Up, One Step Back

While everyone was enjoying the Jason Bay debut with the Red Sox, the team was hit with some bad news last night. Mike Lowell left the game in the bottom of the 10th with a strained right hip.

No word yet on his status for tonight's game. The Sox debuted a new batting order last night, which got them a win (albeit in extra innings). It would be a shame if what we hope is the start of a winning streak is run off course by Lowell's injury. The Sox need to get into a grove, and Lowell is essential to that.

Stay tuned for more details on Lowell's injury...


Scott Boras Took Manny For a Ride

In today's Globe Gordon Edes reveals an interesting development in the Manny trade:

"Within an hour after Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein informed Manny Ramírez he had been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, Ramírez's agent, Scott Boras, called the Sox back, according to a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations. If the Sox dropped the option years on his contract - which they had agreed to do if they traded him - Boras said Ramírez would not be a problem the rest of the season. For the Sox, the source said, Ramírez's pledge of good behavior only served as a tacit admission that his disruptive conduct of the last couple of weeks had been calculated, and they had had good cause to suspect more was in the offing if they did not trade him."

Remember the meeting between Boras and Manny in Anaheim? It was the series after that discussion where Manny began to sit out. Boras most likely told Manny that he needed to make the Sox not pick up his option for next season so he could get a long term contract. His plan worked. When Manny talked to the media in Boston he said they were not going to pick up his options but they were not going to trade him because "they knew what they had here." Manny was sure he would finish the season in Boston, so much so that he was sleeping when the trade was announced. The Boras phone call to the Sox shows that Manny had overplayed his hand and did not think the Sox would go all the way with a trade. There is equal blame here for Boras influencing Manny and Manny taking his advice. Either way, both of them put money above the game so they deserve each other.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the BAY State!

Jason Bay hit a huge triple off The Green Monster in the bottom of the 12th inning with two outs. After an intentional walk to Drew, Lowrie knocked in Bay to score the winning run over Oakland tonight. (Had Manny hit that ball in the bottom of the 12th, he most likely would have watched it for 5.7 seconds before realizing it was still in the park!)

Wakefield pitched 6.1 scoreless innings. Okajima allowed a home run by Jack Cust that was originally scored a double. After the umps conferred, it was then ruled a home run. The Oakland station showed wide angle replays of the dinger, but never showed a close up of where it exactly hit. Outside of that 1 pitch, the bullpen did it's job tonight: 5.2 IP, 3 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 4 K's.

Besides scoring both runs, Bay kept busy in the field as well. He fielded a couple of balls off The Monster as if he had been playing there all season, holding one of the A's to a single. He also made a web gem worthy sliding catch.

Mike Lowell left the game after trying to leg out an infield hit. Cora in at short, Lowrie to 3rd, and Cora makes a spectacular play to end that inning~ and maybe get another web gem in the process. (Lugo who?)

I think the Sox will be just fine. Welcome, Jason Bay.

Sox win 2-1: BOX SCORE

Side notes: Manny wearing #99 grounds out to Stephen Drew in his 1st AB with LA. In the top of the 5th, replays show him waltzing to the gap allowing a double to turn into a triple.
Rays win, yanks lose tonight.
MANNY UPDATE: Bottom of the 9th, LAD down 2-1, Manny grounds into a DP. LAD lose.


In all the commotion....

...we neglected to notice Hansen's replacement. Although I have not seen an official announcement, Chris Smith is now listed on the active roster. In three games in June, Smith tossed 6.1 innings, went 1-0, with a 2.84 ERA.


Jason Bay Scores!

Jason Bay has scored the 1st run of the Sox-A's game today which is currently in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Bay drew a walk in his 1st plate appearance in a Sox uniform and moved to 3rd on Drew's double. Lowrie hit a deep fly to left, scoring Bay. He received standing O's during the line up announcements and another when he came to the plate.
Not a bad start at all, not bad.

UPDATE: Bay is aboard for the 2nd time tonight in the bottom of the 4th, this time due to a HBP. He then went to 3rd on a single by Lowrie.

UPDATE #2: The A's Crosby hit a double off the Monster and Bay played it perfectly. He then followed that with a web gem nomination to end the inning! In the top of the 6th, he played a ball off the wall and was able to hold Suzuki to a single.


Sox Players React to the Manny Trade

After you look at these quotes from Clubhouse Insider I think there can be no doubt that the Sox made the right move. If Big Papi likes the trade then it was the right thing to do.

David Ortiz: “Things got to the point where they had to do something - and they did. They’re happy, Manny’s happy. I’m going to miss my man, I’m not going to lie to you, but we’re looking forward. The team needed it.”

Jason Varitek: “Things escalated to degrees where something had to be done either way. …Either way, I think it’s a relief that there’s closure to something that’s been going on for the last week or 10 days. I’m just relieved there’s an actual solution, which there was going to be, regardless, on this day.”

Jonathan Papelbon: “From the front-office standpoint, I feel like this did have to happen. Sometimes you make decisions, regardless of whether you got a worse player or better player out of that deal - it makes your team as a whole better. I think that’s what their decisions was based on, that feeling of camaraderie and 25 guys playing for the same goal.”

Mike Lowell: “I think (Ramirez’ constant griping) had a big impact on people in upper management because there are important decisions to be made in the next couple of years.”


Sox Pay Manny to leave, but...

The Packers are rumored to be offering $25 million to Brett Favre to stay home.

So what's the big deal over the pittance the Sox are paying for chemotherapy?


Jason Bay Talks About Joining the Sox

Here's Jason Bay talking about being the newest member of the Red Sox. Watch below:


Tonight's Lineup 8/1 vs. the A's

Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jason Bay, LF

J.D. Drew, RF
Jed Lowrie, SS

Kevin Cash, C
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF

Tim Wakefield, SP


Jason Bay will wear #44

In the press conference today Jason Bay said it was slim pickins for numbers with the Sox and Eric Davis was a childhood idol of his so he has chosen #44.


Lowell to Bat Clean-Up

Extra Bases is reporting that Mike Lowell with be the clean-up hitter for the Sox with Jason Bay batting 5th. Full lineup and Jason Bay's number coming soon.


Will Schilling Give Up #38 For Bay?

Jason Bay was number 38 in Pittsburgh and there is no word yet on what number he is going to have for the Sox, I wonder if Curt will give up number 38 if Bay asks for it. Since Curt's blog is I would find it doubtful that Bay will get the number especially since Curt has a small chance of coming back next season. FYI Manny is said to be taking number 99 in LA since 24 has been retired.


Peter Gammons Gives Some Insight Into Manny Trade

Peter Gammons has a new blog post up where he shows that Red Sox executives believed Manny was done for the season and would not put much effort into playing for the Sox. For one, they truly believed he faked his knee injury:

Ramirez tried to sit, citing his knee. Problem is, after Felix Hernandez and Joba Chamberlain had come and gone, the Red Sox ownership and medical staff ordered him to take an MRI. If Ramirez hadn't forgotten which knee was bothering him, he would have been more convincing, but he got mixed up.
Gammons responds to some people in the media that say the Sox are much worse off today:
But the way the past month had gone, there was no chance -- none, zilch, nada -- that Boston could make the playoffs with Ramirez on the team. In his mind, he had completed his obligation for the guaranteed $168 million the Red Sox paid him.....But as soon as the deadline passed, if Ramirez were still with the Red Sox, there would have been one incident after another with Ramirez secure in knowing that he didn't have to play, hustle or give any regard to winning to collect his remaining $7 million. Anyone who was watching John Lackey's run at a no-hitter continue in the seventh inning Wednesday when Ramirez jogged to first in 5.7 seconds, realizes that he is one of those rare, gifted athletes who cares nothing about winning, about the integrity of the game or about his teammates.
It will be interesting to see if Manny has any knee or hamstring problems with LA in the next few weeks. I think that will show if he really was quiting on the Sox to get more money. Getting over the Nomar trade was pretty easy because the Sox won their first World Series in 86 years, what will it take to get over the Manny trade? Even hearing about him quiting on the team I love by one of baseball's most respected reporters doesn't make this one easy to deal with.


Manny's Sportscenter Commercial

Looks like ESPN has to call Manny back to change into a Dodger uniform for the commercial they made last month.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time To Turn The Page, Up Next: Oakland

Baseball does not stop in mid-season, even for Manny so it is time to look at the road ahead for the Sox. If you really get all misty eyed over the loss of ManRam throw in a W.S. DVD or watch a Manny tribute on YouTube but now it's time to get back on the horse and win some games. The Oakland A's come to Fenway on Friday and the Sox need a win bad. The Sox opened the season against the A's in Japan many months ago and they were swept by them in May (I had the displeasure of being at 2 of those games.) But this is not the same team the Sox faced on Memorial Day weekend; the team is coming off a sweep by the Royals and is just 2-10 since the All-Star break, going below .500 for the first time this season. The A's will have Frank Thomas back for the first time since going on the DL on May 28. Thomas always seems to get to Sox pitching and he hurt them with Toronto and Oakland earlier this season. Unfortunetly the Red Sox will be facing the A's best pitcher Justin Duchscherer on Friday and will have their work cut out for them. The Nation is in need of a win and a walk-off homer by Bay could make everyone say Manny who?


West Coast Tube Tied in August

Not a whole lot of Sox on national TV this month:

Fri, 1 Aug v. OAK, KICU, 4:05 pm
Sat, 2 Aug v. OAK, CSN-BA, 4:05 pm
Sun, 3 Aug v. OAK, KICU, 10:35 am
Sun, 10 Aug @ CWS, TBS, 11:05 am

No Sox and Yankees on national TV, Aug 26-27-28.

And that is it until Sept 26.


Hansen and Moss are Gone, Who's Up Next?

Quick look at who is lurking down in Pawtucket.
Last week I wrote about knuckleballer Charlie Zink who is now 13-3, 2.76 ERA.
Bowden, 0-2, 5.17
Pauley, 12-4, 3.40
Smith, 1-3, 2.24, 13 SVS
and I don't think we'll see Kyle Snyder back soon: 1-3, 6.28

Position players:
Thurston, 2B, .316
Bailey, OF, .300, 24 HR's
Carter, OF, .299, 23 HR's
Van Every, OF, .272, 24 HR's

Pawtucket is doing well in the International League with all this talent.


Who is Jason Bay?

I have always had a warm spot in my baseball heart for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The first game I ever went to was at the old Forbes Field. Doug Mientkiewicz is now with the Bucs. Quite coincidentally, I have voted for Jason Bay in the All Star Game balloting in the past three years.

So who is the new guy?

Jason Bay, is 29 years old and from British Columbia, Canada (nowhere near Toronto, as some would have had us believe the BJ's were in the mix for his services.) He made his MLB debut in May of 2003. After 3 games with the Padres that year, he has spent the next 5 & 1/2 years with the Pirates. Since 2004, his 1st full season, and not including this season, he has averaged over 35 doubles, almost 100 RBI's, and almost 30 HR's per season, while averaging almost 150 games per season, including 159 games in 2006 and 162 games in 2005.

His line for this year: 106 games, 393 AB's, 72 runs, 111 hits, 23 doubles, 64 RBI's, and .282 for a BA.
His career fielding stats: .985 FPCT, 34 assists and only 21 errors. He is hitting .308 in his last 10 games with 3 HR's and 10 RBI's.

For comparison purposes, Manny's line this year: 100 games, 365 AB's, 66 runs, 109 hits, 22 doubles, 20 HR's, 68 RBI's, and .299 for a BA.

I think the Sox are going to do just fine with Jason Bay in left field. All that is needed is to keep the Boston media pit bulls at bay while he makes his adjustment to the Jr. Circuit. Let's not forget that last year they were ready to hang JD Drew and look what he's done since September of last year.
(Sorry, couldn't resist the pun :-)


LA Times Dodger's Blog Misses Biggest News Of The Season

This is sad when bloggers are paid to cover a team and are one of the last places to report the news of the Manny Trade. Look at this post at 1:27 pm Pacific from Blue Notes the LA Times Dodger Blog:


Nothing doing for the Dodgers as of 1:22, past the 1 pm non-waiver deadline but still not entirely out of the window for deals to trickle in. Don't expect anything, though.

SI had already announced the trade at 1:20 and I even had it at was thirty minutes later before the site even posted anything about the trade with this:


Hey all, I'm working on getting Manny Ramirez confirmation. From what I hear, it's Manny to L.A. for Andy LaRoche and Triple-A righty Bryan Morris (apparently well thought of, but had Tommy John a while back) to Pittsburgh, with Jason Bay the main prize for Boston.

Making calls, trying to get some info. But for now, that's what I know.


Some inside info these guys have. Dodger fans might want to turn to another source for their news. It will make Manny happy to know that the press will not be following him around and reporting on his every move in LA.


The Show is Over, Manny has Left the Building

It's finally over. Sportswriters and broadcasters everywhere are questioning the Ramirez/Bay trade with most lumping the Sox into their loser columns. I had previously written to ignore Manny's words and watch his actions. His actions? Strolling down to 1st at over 5 seconds while the team was being no hit, not just once, but twice. His words of the past couple of days became too loud to ignore and cut to the bone. He sent a message and that message was, 'I ain't gonna do squat for da Red Sox for da rest of dis season. FY.' At least that's what it sounded like.
Buster Olney of ESPN called it a wash for the Sox putting them in both the winners and losers columns. They got rid of the cancer, but his bat went with it. This hurts, like any relationship gone bad. I don't know what happened to him midway through this season, but he has too much baggage now, and is in the NL with no DH, so he has to play the field. I think Manny has shot himself in the foot and will not get that 4 year/$100 million contract he wants. Remember Barry Bonds?

Let's hope Jason Bay does his best to help us forget all Manny's pissin' and moanin'.

But we will never forget Manny's bat and sideshows.


Welcome to the Sox, Mr. Bay

A new era has begun. It's been a long time since a ball was hit to left field and we could count on a routine play. Enter Jason Bay. Sure, it's going to take Bay a while to get used to fielding off of the Green Monster, but he's shown decent outfield skills. No more crazy adventures in left.

In terms of hitting, Bay's numbers aren't that far off Manny's for this year...282, 22 homers, 64 rbis. We'll see how he adjusts to AL pitching. Bay is 29, past the usual magic year of 27, but still young enough to put up good power numbers. He was an All-Star in 2007.

WBZTV reminds us that in 1999, Jason Bay played in the Cape Cod League.

One thing that Bay has that Manny doesn't, the hunger for a World Series Championship. While Pittsburgh wants to be Titletown USA for its football glory, they've had a baseball drought that's worse than the Gobi Desert. Bay hasn't experienced the MLB thrill of victory. Let's hope his desire for a championship is contagious.

Welcome to Fenway, Mr. Bay.


Bad Trade For Red Sox

I can understand the need to trade Manny at this point, even for a lesser quality player like Jason Bay, but to throw in Hansen and Moss is way too much. The Sox have bullpen problems and did nothing about it, they could have sent Moss to KC for Mahay and now they have one less arm in the pen. This is a tough deal to understand right now, I hope another trade for some help in the pen has been made and we have not heard about it yet.



Manny has been traded to the Dodgers in a three team deal with the Bucs, Sox may get Jason Bay.

ESPN says the Sox also included Hansen and Moss in the deal!!!

From Extra Bases:

To Red Sox
Jason Bay

To Dodgers
Manny Ramirez

To Pirates
Craig Hansen (from Red Sox)
Brandon Moss (from Red Sox)
Andy LaRoche (from Dodgers)
Bryan Morris (from Dodgers) reported that the Red Sox got the OK from Ramirez, who would have had the rights to veto any deal. From "He signed off on the paperwork, contingent upon the two $20-million team options for 2009 and '10 being dropped. The move will set the stage for Ramirez to become a free agent this winter."


Trade Deadline Updates

The Globe has 2 reporters going in opposite directions on Manny; Edes says LA is not involved, Cafardo says they are. Both agree the Pirates-Marlins deal is dead.

UPDATE: Jason Bay has now been traded to Tampa Bay.

UPDATE 2: The Braves price for Ohman was too high so Theo passed.

UPDATE 3: Bay to Rays not a done deal.

UPDATE 4: Rosenthal says Bay to Rays is off and Bay to Sox is still a possibility has confirmed that Jason Bay has NOT been traded to Tampa.

UPDATE 5: Both Dodgers and Marlins were still talking to Sox with minutes to go before the deadline...Sox have not commented yet on Manny which makes me think a deal was done....stay tuned.

UPDATE 6: Bay now traded to Dodgers? I'm not makin this shit up.

Trade deadline passes with no news....could still be coming though.


Sox Can't Trade for Mahay Until They Deal with Manny

The Sox wanted to get Ron Mayhay from KC but they can't trade Brandon Moss because they need him as insurance if Manny sits out again if he is not traded.


Dodgers in the Manny Mix?

SI's John Heyman is reporting that the Sox are in discussions with the Dodgers over Manny. Heyman says:

"The Dodgers have offered young outfielder Andre Ethier, but Boston is believed to prefer Matt Kemp."

Heyman also says the Marlins deal isn't totally dead.


No Deal?

ESPN Jayson Stark thinks the deal is off:

Yet another official with one of these three teams says the Manny-Bay deal is dead. In the aftermath, the teams involved seem unsure of what happened. The Pirates are blaming the Marlins. The Marlins are blaming the Pirates. And the Red Sox aren't too happy with either of them.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox also says the deal is dead.

There is still a chance that the Sox will make a deal with just the Marlins but the return will be less. The worst thing to come out of this is the possibility of the Rays getting Jason Bay making their team more formidable down the stretch.

UPDATE: The Bucs are shopping Bay to other clubs now but talks with Toronto did not work so they are looking to Tampa Bay.

UPDATE 2: EXTRA BASES says the talks are still on and this will go to the deadline.

UPDATE 3: Hold on for the ride, now SI reports that the Dodgers are back in for a Manny trade.

The potential blockbuster trade that would have sent embattled Boston slugger Manny Ramirez to the Marlins has hit a snag, but the Red Sox are now talking to the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well, has learned.

The Dodgers have offered young outfielder Andre Ethier, but Boston is believed to prefer Matt Kemp.

The Marlins deal isn't believed to be dead, but it appears Florida was unhappy with one or more aspects of the potential blockbuster.

The Red Sox, who appear motivated to trade Ramirez, have spent most of their time on the Marlins over the past 24 hours. But sources say the Dodgers have always remained interested

tick....tick....tick.....and where's the bullpen help?


Manny Has Not OK'd Deal Yet -

From Extra Bases:

Manny has not yet been asked for his permission to OK the deal, so nothing has been done yet.

Update 1: Peter Gammons says the deal is "close to dead."

Update 2: Sports Illustrated's John Heyman reports that Manny has now approved the deal.

Update 3: ESPN is reporting that the Bucs are still shopping Jason Bay to other clubs including the Jays.


Griffey Going to White Sox

Ken Griffey Jr. has been traded to the White Sox


Angels own the Sox

6 games within the last two weeks and 6 wins for the LA Angels over the Red Sox. The Manny news is grabbing the headlines, but the fact that the Red Sox can't beat the Angels is more disturbing.

If the Manny trade goes through, the Sox don't just need to make up for Manny's production, they need to improve overall as a team. The status quo isn't cutting it. The Sox have shown that they can't beat the best teams right now.

All eyes are on the Manny trade. We should be as or more concerned that the Sox get some bullpen help. Let's see what the afternoon brings.


Less than 50-50?

What's the deal here? Is the Manny deal really done, or is it "less than 50-50" as the Herald Reports.

The Palm Beach Post has Marlins owner Jefferey Loria saying "There's no news, nothing to talk about."

Stay tuned. We'll know soon enough. The deadline is 4pm eastern today.


Manny Deal Still Being Worked Out

Several places have the Manny deal far from a sure thing with just 4 hours to go before the deadline but I just can't see them not getting something done now. Manny burned another bridge last night and has become a huge distraction for the club. If Manny stays the fued will continue to simmer for the remainder of the season. Curt Schilling weighed in with his thoughts about Manny this morning:

"At the end of the day you're taking the field with a guy who doesn't want to play with you, doesn't want to be there, doesn't want to ... obviously effort-wise is just not there and that's disheartening and disappointing," Schilling said during his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI's Dennis and Callahan program.

Does he think it's time for Manny to go?

"Would I be the only guy in the New England area that said no if I did?" Schilling replied to the question. "I think I'm probably with the consensus. It's very obvious from anything you see or hear he doesn't want to be here."
I would now put money on a deal happening and the Sox getting Bay. Stay tuned for updates.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Long Manny

Both sides have crossed the point of no return and by tomorrow night #24 of the Red Sox will not belong to Manny Ramirez. Manny's number will not be retired at Fenway, he will not be part of Red Sox Nation any more. We will follow him for a while, read about his occasional antics in the NL, but after a while he will disappear into the background. How did it come to this? Why was the end of Manny's career in Boston so filled with turmoil? At the start of the season we had the "new" Manny; he was open to the media, he worked hard during the off-season and he showed up to camp on time. But things did not stay positive for very long. Manny did not join the team for the trip to the White House or to visit wounded troops at Walter Reed and we called him out on this site. But Manny went back to being goofy and we forgave him for his selfishness. He talked to the press, he sold another car on Ebay, Manny was being funny Manny. Then came the fight with Youk that caught everyone off guard, but he said he was sorry and we forgave him again. Manny then had the incident with Jack McCormick that was quickly swept under the rug, but for me and many fans this was much harder to forgive. Manny skipped the All-Star Game press conference but he made a call from inside the Monstah and everyone loved him. But then came the harsh words about his contract, followed by the sitting out in Seattle and then against New York. This was the last straw for the front office and now Manny is on his way out. A silly gesture or event will not save him this time. There will be a great deal of Sox fans that will cry foul and blame Theo or ownership for ruining the Sox chances but I think they made the right call. Boston gave Manny some wiggle room to put himself above the team at times as long as he payed them back at the plate, unfortunately for Manny, his production no longer pays enough for the wiggle room he needs. He has gone too far off the reservation and will not be let back on. I wish him luck but I'm not about to buy a Marlins jersey. Manny gave us a great deal of humor, helped win 2 World Series, and gave Boston the most feared 3-4 combination in baseball. But he is not the face of the Red Sox, he is not above the game, nor is he irreplaceable. The Sox have lost 8 out of their last 12 with him and in his last game with Boston he went 0-3. Maybe Jason Bay can get the Sox back on track and help us move past the Manny era in Boston.


Manny, You're Breakin' My Heart

NOTE~ I wrote this with pen and paper (remember them?) while 30,000 feet above Colorado unaware of Manny events that were developing at the time, and made very few changes, mostly grammatical. I wasn’t able to watch last night’s game and didn’t see Manny dogging it. I did change the title of the post however.

Manny! Just STFU right now!
Manny is making absolutely no sense right now. I have listened to him, watched him on The Leno Show, and read his words over and over, and when you add everything up, we have absolutely no idea what he is talking about.
We have to judge him by his actions, and not his words. Ignore his words. He had a tiff with Youk, but they kissed and made up. He had that incident with McCormack, but has apologized, paid his fine, and agreed to go to anger management classes. He has been seen smiling a lot. He is hitting the ball well and driving in runs. He still needs to perform for the next 2-3 months, and to excel for the remainder of the season to make up for the mysterious knee injury, but if he hits 15-20 more HR’s and drives in another 50-60 runs, that will be considered a productive year, and much better than last year.

Manny will get $20 million for 2009 should some way be found to keep him in Boston. He will probably not get that much if his option is not picked up. Despite not getting anything for Manny, Scott Boras should also tell him to STFU. (Look what has happened to Barry Bonds when you’re surrounded by too much controversy.) He’s no dummy (I can think of other spicy nouns), but in the long run, Manny will be worth much more to Boras if he stays in Boston for the remainder of his career.

To Papi, Lugo, and Julian Tavarez: Take Manny out back and straighten him out! Make him realize the golden situation that he could be having this season, and for the rest of his career. The Sox are in prime position to be in the post-season for years to come. If he walks, there is the chance he will wind up on a team that has little or no chance to win the World Series’ titles that the Red Sox will win.

Please Manny, be a hot dog, but keep your trap shut and just swing the bat, hit the ball, and drive in runs. You are a gifted athlete (and make more in 1 game than most of us make in a year, or a lifetime.) The Sox are likely paying you more money than you will make elsewhere. (Boras, are you listening?) Twenty, thirty, fifty years from now, you will be a much more respected baseball player if you stay with fewer teams, i.e. the Sox, for the remainder of your career, especially when you factor in the much richer history of baseball in Boston as compared to other teams. Should you finish with 600+ HR's in a Sox uniform at #6 or #7 on the list, your place in baseball history will be much, MUCH more significant, as well as the money you will make post career.
BORAS! Are you listening?!?

BACK TO THE PRESENT: After reading about and watching Manny today, I am just so ready to get to August! Sorry Manny, but the Sox have not screwed you over. You just shit your bed, and you have lost a ton of fans, as well as a lot of money.


Breaking News: Looks Like Manny To Fish...Jason Bay to Sox

Baseball Prospectus says it will happen soon....developing

Multipe baseball sources say the Red Sox are on the verge of sending disgrunted left fielder Manny Ramirez to the Marlins in a trade for a package of three players that included low Class A Greensboro outfielder Mike Stanton, an 18-year-old who is hitting .275/.351/.569 with 26 home runs in 96 games.
UPDATE: is reporting it is a 3 team deal here are the details:
Ramirez would go to the Marlins, while Jeremy Hermida would go to the Pirates, and Jason Bay would go to the Red Sox.

UPDATE II: Jason Stark of ESPN reports that talks between the Rays and Bucs have cooled because:
One possible reason those conversations between the Rays and Pirates have slowed could involve Manny Ramirez. Officials from several teams theorized Wednesday that if the Red Sox were to trade Manny, they would target Bay as a right-handed bat to replace him.

UPDATE III: President of Florida Marlins on the possibility of trading for Manny:

Asked specifically if a deal for Ramirez was possible, Samson said, “I’ve always told you everything is possible. There are all sorts of crazy things. There’s no way to say which trades are going to happen.”
Update IV: has several sources talking about the deal:
That issue, the money and the limited time left before the deadline are working against a Manny-to-Miami deal.
UPDATE V: ESPN's Buster Olney has more on the deal:
the sides are also discussing lefty reliever John Grabow moving from Pittsburgh to the Red Sox. The current sticking point, according to a well-placed source, is that the Marlins want the Red Sox to add a prospect to their take in the deal.
UPDATE VI: Could Lowrie be involved in the deal? From
Part of the deal could also have Pirates left-handed reliever John Grabow going to Florida and Marlins right-handed pitching prospect Ryan Tucker, who is at Class AA Carolina, ending up in the Pittsburgh farm system.
The three clubs have talked about various version of a deal including some that would send Boston rookie shortstop Jed Lowrie to the Pirates with veteran Pittsburgh shortstop Jack Wilson going to the Red Sox. The Pirates also have interest in Red Sox left-handed pitcher prospect Hunter Jones, who is at Class AAA Pawtucket.
UPDATE VII: Done Deal....more from BP:

The Commissioner’s Office has been informed of a deal involving the Pirates, Red Sox, and Marlins. The Commissioner has to sign off on any deal involving cash considerations of more than a million dollars and there was clearly going to be cash involved in any deal. There’s also some formality about Manny Ramirez waiving his 10-5 rights and no trade clause and I’ll admit not understanding the technicalities.

So here’s what Pee Wee Herman would call the “big but.” The teams, I am told, have not agreed on the specific prospects to be included in the deal. It’s expected that in addition to the principals, the Red Sox would get John Grabow and give up two prospects while the Marlins would get one prospect and give up two. There’s still a lot of haggling but my scribbling notes make it look like the structure of the deal is:

Marlins get Manny Ramirez, one prospect (BOS), and cash (likely Ramirez’s remaining salary)
Pirates get Jeremy Hermida and three prospects (two FLO, one BOS)
Red Sox get Jason Bay and John Grabow

There is still potential for this to fall apart over the prospects, though things appear closer now than ever before.


Peter Gammons Says Marlins Are Really Looking At Manny

Peter Gammons is adding some weight to the report form SI and Fox Sports that the Marlins are considering pulling the trigger on a deal for Manny. The fish would send Willingham or Hemida and a prospect to the Sox. Buster Olney of ESPN reports the same thing and he was the one that broke the Ivan R. news. However, Gordon Edes says no way on Extra Bases. I still think Manny is staying in Boston but I also remember seeing Nomar go.


Yanks Get Ivan Rodriguez

The Yankees made one of their typical trade deadline moves getting an aging veteran today. The bad news for the Sox is Rodriguez is a good catcher (offensively) and the Yankees traded Kyle Farnsworth for him; the Sox usually hit Farnsworth pretty well


Tonight's Lineup 7/30 vs. the Halos

Dustin Pedroia 2B
Kevin Youkilis 1B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Mike Lowell 3B
JD Drew RF
Jed Lowrie SS
Jason Varitek C
Coco Crisp CF

Josh Beckett P


Scott Boras On Manny

The Lord of Evil spoke with ESPN about Manny's future with the Sox. Remember that if Boston picks up Manny's option, Boras gets nothing because he was not Manny's agent when the last contract was signed. If Manny gets a new contract from the Sox or another team Boras gets a piece of the pie. What do you think he is advising Manny to do? Watch below:


More Proof that Manny is not Going Anywhere Before the End of the Season

Fox pseudo-reporter Ken Rosenthal has just posted more of his usual gibberish, suggesting a trade involving Manny and the Marlins. He tries to line up several planets that are currently on opposite sides of the solar sytem in order to see this happen, but I still don't see Manny going anywhere before the end of the season at the earliest.


It's the Skunk's Fault

Last week I wrote a post about the skunk that came onto the field in Portland after Big Papi left the game. The post was entitled "Let's Hope It's Not a Bad Omen." Since that point the Sox have lost 4-5 including 2 to the dreaded Yankees, have had the whole Manny debacle, and were almost no-hit yesterday. We need some sort of exorcism to get the team back on track.


What The Sox Really Need

Despite all of the trade talk about Manny what the team needs right now is pitching. There is not a trade that is going to make the Sox better without Manny, unless he tanks the rest of the season. His lack of hustle yesterday down the line was pretty weak but not exactly a sign that he was tanking, especially since he hit well the two previous nights. He will continue to produce for this season. Theo knows what is good for the Sox and he is looking for help in the pen. By the deadline the Sox will have acquired one of the following players: Ron Mahay from KC, Huston Street from Oakland, or Will Ohman of the Braves. If they don't go out and get some help for the pen I don't see this team repeating as champs.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Will Manny End Up?

Throughout the day we have seen rumors of the Sox dealing Manny to Philly, the Dodgers, the D-Backs, the Mets and the Marlins??? It appears none of the talks are going anywhere so get used to Manny being Manny on the Red Sox for the rest of the year.


Sox Avoid Getting No-Hit But Still Lose Ugly

John Lackey had a no-hitter going into the 9th before Pedroia broke it up with a single, Youk followed with a 2 run homer and that was it for the Sox offense tonight. Buchholz was ineffective again, going 6 1/3 and giving up 6 runs. (5 earned) Boston needs to trade for some bullpen help in case they need Masterson to start. Colon is not likely to be able to stay healthy for the remainder of the season.

Sox Lose 6-2 BOX SCORE


Lineup 7/29 vs. LAA

2B Pedroia, Dustin
1B Youkilis, Kevin
DH Ortiz, David
LF Ramirez, Manny
3B Lowell, Mike
RF Drew, J.D.
C Varitek, Jason
SS Cora, Alex
CF Ellsbury, Jacoby

P Buchholz, Clay (2-5, 5.81)


Do I Really Need To Write About the Ray's?

Here's a post I didn't fathom that I would ever be writing. What are the Ray's up to, and why should we care?

The Rays are struggling on the road. They face Halladay of the Blue Jays tonight, which should exacerbate their road trip problems. It's good news that the Rays winning ways have run into trouble recently in away stadiums. The Sox need to keep it close while they sort out some things. The Red Sox are currently 1 game behind the Rays in the AL East standings.

But, come on now, its the Rays. Has it come to this? Are we really trying to keep pace with the Rays? Do we need to follow their roster moves and worry about their losses as much as the Sox wins? I know they've had a great season, but it's just so hard to think of the Rays as a team that you need to follow, worry about, concern yourself with, visit, read about, or even ponder their existence. I can't stand to flip to the Rays game in between innings of the Sox game. The sterility of their stadium pains me to view.

Please, please Red Sox -put together a winning streak. Don't make us check in on the Rays. It's painful.


Bullpen Trade Rumors Heating Up

The Sox pursuit of bullpen help seems to be generating a lot of trade rumors. has been keeping an up to date tally. The names that they say the Sox are interested in include: Geoff Geary, Ron Mahay, Brian Fuentes, George Sherrill, and Will Ohman.

They also report that the Mets are interested in acquiring Manny.


Sox Need a Spark

The trade deadline is fast approaching. Thursday at 4pm Eastern to be exact. Much of the discussion in the past week surrounding the Sox has been related to what the Sox will do in the off-season with regards to Manny Ramirez. I don't think that the Sox will trade him now. It's hard to see how they make up for his run production, and what deals are really a fit for the Sox.

Nonetheless, it's time for the Sox to make some sort of move. The clubhouse needs a spark. The Sox management needs to send a message to the players, opposing teams and fans that they are serious about a championship this year. Sure most of last year's championship team is with the club now and back from injuries. But, they aren't producing at last year's level, especially the bullpen.

I'm not begging for a blockbuster deal, just some tweaking will do. I want to see that spark that get's the Sox back on track for the rest of the Season. The Red Sox need to acquire a player that is hungry for a World Series title, someone who can spread that hunger throughout the dugout. Let's hope the Sox move beyond Mannygate and start focusing on what it takes to repeat. It's time for a spark. Let's make a deal.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Aren't They Supposed to be Angels?

AAAAARRGH. The Sox good news streak has ended at....1 day in a row. They can't seem to put together a string of good news or a string of wins(except for the sweep of the Mariners, but, everybody beats the Mariners, so that's not so special).

And then there are the Angels. They swept the Sox in Disneyland. We were hoping that the Fenway series would turn out differently, but so far..not so much. The Angels did most of their damage in the 6th inning. Kotchman: homer in the 6th, Torii Hunter: homer in the 6th, Mathis: SAC RBI in the 6th. That's right people, 6 runs in the 6th. 666. The Angels are looking more like los Diablos.

The Red Sox did get 11 hits in the game to Anaheim's 9, but the Angels found a way to drive their runners in, while the Sox left theirs stranded. K-Rod was shutting down the Sox in order in the 9th,when Manny came to the plate. Manny answered the boos from the crowd with a shot over the monster to bring the Sox to within 2. But K-Rod closed it out, leaving Sox fans wondering if our squad has what it takes to compete with the Angels in the postseason.


7/28 Sox Lineup vs. LAA

2B Pedroia, Dustin
1B Youkilis, Kevin
DH Ortiz, David
LF Ramirez, Manny
3B Lowell, Mike
RF Drew, J.D.
SS Lowrie, Jed
C Varitek, Jason
CF Ellsbury, Jacoby

P Matsuzaka, Daisuke (11-1, 2.63)


Gammons Hits Manny Hard

The late Congressman Mo Udall once said during a Congressional hearing that was going on and on, "everything's been said, but not everybody's said it yet."

And so it is with Manny Ramirez. Everything has been said. But now, things have gotten worse for Manny because a new voice is saying them. That voice is Peter Gammons, the Dalai Lama of Baseball. When he calls your character into question, you know that you've crossed the line. His column, "Manny's All About the Money" is a must read.


Manny to D-Backs? AZ Sportswriter Says No Chance

After all of the Manny comments in the past few days and weeks, you knew the trade rumors were going to start flying.

The latest one to get some traction is a rumor that has Arizona interested in Manny. East Valley Tribune (Arizona) sports blogger Scott Bordow lists three reasons why he thinks Manny won't be headed to the desert:

1. The Red Sox aren’t going to trade Ramirez while they’re in the middle of a pennant race. He’s too valuable a hitter.
2. Even if Boston changes its mind and decides to deal Ramirez, the price to get him would be far too high for the Diamondbacks. Think Conor Jackson and at least one, if not two, of the organization’s best pitching prospects.
3. Ramirez is a free agent after this season, and Arizona wouldn’t re-sign him, not for the $15 million to $20 million per year salary he’ll likely ask for. As good as Ramirez is with a bat in his hands, he’s not worth raiding the farm system for two months of work.


Here Come the Angels

Even with a good win last night the Sox will still have their hands full when the Angels come to Fenway tonight. Last week the Sox were swept in Anaheim by the team with the best record in baseball. Even though they dropped one last night to the O's, the Angels have a chip on their shoulder entering the series. From the LA Times:

"Another good series against the Red Sox would obviously boost our confidence, but our confidence is very high right now," said Joe Saunders, who will pitch in Boston on Wednesday. "We're playing well. I believe we're the team to beat right now...I think they should worry about us a little too. Obviously, the Red Sox and Yankees are good clubs, but I think we can play with anybody and beat anybody."

With a tight 3 way race the Sox need to do well in this series and hope the Manny distractions are gone. However, the game is on ESPN so the national media will keep the story going at least for one more day.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

That's More Like It

The rain that fell at Fenway early this evening seemed to wash all of the Red Sox problems away. The latest Manny episode is over and Sox fans can now enjoy his production for the remainder of the season. If tonight was any indication (3-5 2RBI, 2R) it should be a good run. The Sox offense rebounded nicely with everyone getting a hit but Drew.(he did walk twice) David Ortiz hit his first home run since coming back to the team and the team scored 9 runs on 15 hits. Jon Lester pitched very well going 7 innings while allowing 2 runs. He ran into some trouble in the 5th with bases loaded but he was able to get out of the jam and come back for 2 more good innings. The Sox pen was great; Declarmen pitched the 8th and Timlin retired them in order in the 9th. Besides moving past the Manny stuff, perhaps the most important news of the night was how well Ellsbury did at the plate. He went 3-4 including a double, if he can get hot and return to the lead-off spot the Sox can go on a big win streak.

Sox Win 9-2 BOX SCORE


Tonight's Lineup 7/27 vs. the Yankees

Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
David Ortiz, DH
Manny Ramirez, LF
Mike Lowell, 3B
J.D. Drew, RF
Jason Varitek, C
Alex Cora, SS
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF

Jon Lester, SP


Possibility of Rain Tonight


Manny Says Enough is Enough

Manny shed some light on his feelings about the events this week when he talked to reporters in the clubhouse. It looks like he is not doing much to win support from Sox executives or build some bridges. From Extra Bases:

What I said was if the Red Sox they think they could find a trade that's going to make the team better and both sides are going to be happy, I'm going to agree," he said. "But if they cannot find a trade. It's something simple. It's no big deal. At the end of the season, all they've got to do is call my agent and say, 'Hey, we're not going to pick Manny's option for '09, he's going to become a free agent. And that's it. I go my way, and you guys go your way, something simple....Boston is not stupid. They're not going to do it. They can say whatever they want. But when it comes to make a deal, they're not going to pull the trigger, because they know what they've got here."

Are you happy here?

"I'm happy. But enough is enough."

When you say "enough is enough," what does that mean?

"That's it. You've got to ask Tito and John Henry, they know."

Peter Gammons also said on ESPN's Baseball Tonight Manny's option will not be picked up by the Sox at the end of the season because the Sox ownership was so upset that Manny sat out on Friday. He did not think Manny would be traded before the end of the season.


Let's Make a Deal

Does Red Sox whole world lie waiting behind door #3? With teams making deals as the deadline quickly approaches, Theo has been awfully quiet. There were the comments made to Fox about the possibility of trading Manny but I don't see that right now. I think Theo was just sending a message to Manny and Boras that the left fielder had better be a team player on an off the field if he is going to return.

The '08 team has most of the players from the '07 champion team so you have to ask: why make a change? There are some players struggling right now like Tek, Ellsbury, Crisp, and most of the bullpen but there is no reason why they should not be able to bounce back. Theo wants to keep the prospects for the long term and not go after a pricey free agent. When you look at what is out there it is hard to find much that will help the Sox in the short term for the price they are willing to spend.

We only have 2 games to judge the Masterson bullpen experiment but the last one did not go well. The Sox do not have the luxury of a wait and see attitude towards Masterson because the deadline is just 4 days away.

Look for Boston to get some bullpen help but not make a major deal before the deadline. One possible target is Will Ohman of the Atlanta Braves.


Quote of the Day

From Jim Donaldson of the Providence Journal:

"Manny is expected to play again tonight, extending his consecutive games streak to two — just 2,630 shy of Cal Ripken’s major-league record."



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