Saturday, August 30, 2008

Upcoming National TV Games

August 31~ SOX v. CWS, TBS, 10:35 am

September 1~ NYY @ DET, TBS, 10:05 am

September 3~ NYY @ TBY, ESPN, 4:10 pm

Septemebr 5~ NYY @ SEA, ESPN, 7:10 pm

September 21~NYY v. BAL, ESPN, 5:05 pm

September 26~SOX v. NYY, ESPN, 4:05 pm

NYY @ TBY?!?!?! Could it be I could find myself rooting for......, naah, no way.
(This can't be happening.)


CW Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on Pedroia


"I never thought I would walk a jockey," quipped Guillen, who heaped enormous praise on Pedroia before the game. "I must be the worst manager ever in the history of baseball right now, walking a guy that just came from being on the top of Big Brown to beat the White Sox. Right now, he's on a roll. This guy right now is on fire."


So, Injuries a problem?

When you have team with depth, and you have a farm system you can trust, seems to me the injuries, although frustrating, does not put a halt to the season of our beloved sox, especially.

The Yankees are crying "injruies" bad season, not 100%....well I have something to tell you. The Sox I don't think has been 100% all season, look at what we've done. This is why the "rent a team" philosophy does not work anymore. Yankees take note, when you truly have depth, talent and players willing to play for you, you will achieve success.

So bottom line, money doesn't buy everything, smart moves, good depth in the farm club, and tactful audition of the young players througout the season especially helpful.

I know this part is a slight duplicate, Bowden, who never pitched an inning in the Bigs, stepped in and pitched 5 innings, with only a 3.60 ERA, not too bad, that's with the pressure of coming in against Ken Griffey, JR. "MVP" Guillen, and Thome and etc. . PLUS it's having to fill the shoes of Josh Beckett, didn't seem to rattle the kid.

Another Kid Jeff Bailey, our 1B, sure he was only 1 for 4, but that 1 hit was a Jack a Dinger, a Homerun, gotta love that. PLUS, we had Jed Lowrie (wasn't even supposed to be a full time player this year) batting 2nd, after our Rookie Ellsbury (2 oregon kids in a row, gotta love it) NOT to mention Pedroia at cleanup? Yup you heard that right... No Manny, Jason Bay, No JD drew, Mark Kotsay, and the list goes on.... ONE thing to add: Pedroia going 4 for 4 (2 games in a row, and his .327 batting average Leading the AL) I can smell batting title.

This shows the destiny the belief, the wheels in motion that Theo, Tito and co. put in motion, My hat is off to the management, DAMN GOOD JOB! This is what every fan should expect from their team, good solid transactions, depth, desire to win, and trust in the farm system. I'm so proud I can BURST.

I still say September is like the pre playoffs, and a lot of teams' depth out there. . cannot handle and will fold (see Rays for example) so look for us to be 1.5 games up end of season, and set strong for the playoffs (BRING ON THE ANGELS)

Well, That's my Oregon take this week, OREGON DAVE OUT!


Who Are These Guys?

Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that the Red Sox would have a lineup that included: Lowrie, Kotsay, Bailey, Bay, and Bowden down the stretch. This is a perfect example of Theo building up the farm system, getting free agents and making trades when needed.


Tonight's Red Sox Lineup 8/30 vs. Chicago

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Jed Lowrie, 3B
David Ortiz, DH
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Mark Kotsay, RF
Jason Bay, LF
Jason Varitek, C
Jeff Bailey, 1B
Alex Cora, SS

Michael Bowden, SP


What to Expect From Bowden

Michael Bowden will make his major league debut for the Red Sox tonight. He pitched well in Portland earlier in the season going 9-3 with a 2.33 ERA. When he was moved up to Pawtucket he continued to pitch well but his ERA went up to 3.38 in 7 games. He is a fly ball pitcher that can get in trouble with the long ball. Sox Prospects says he has good command, he only has given up 5 walks in his last 40 innings. He is a tough kid with a Pedroia like outlook and should not get rattled by the situation. Look for him to keep the Sox in the game, but he is going to need the offense to put up more than three runs to get the win.


This Day in Red Sox History

August 30

1916: In the old Huntington Avenue Grounds, Boston gets 18 hits in a 13-0 victory over Detroit.

1910: For the second time in just four days, a Red Sox pitcher tosses a one hitter, as Ray Collins lead Boston to a 4-0 win over the visiting Chi Sox. Paul Meloan’s single is the only hit of the day for Chicago.

1916: Dutch Leonard leads the Sox to a no hit victory over St; Louis, winning the game 4-0.

1918: Carl Mays wins both games of a double header 12-0 and 4-1 over the A’s to finish the season at 21 wins.

1918: Ted Williams is born in San Diego, CA.

1928: In his last at bat of his 22 year career, “The Grey Eagle” Tris Speaker is Struck out by Boston’s “Red” Ruffing. Speaker’s lifetime batting average is .345.

1931: Ben Chapman and Lou Gehrig each have four hits for the visiting Yankees. They combine for a total of nine RBIs in New York’s 14 to 4 win over Boston. One of the Iron Horse’s home runs was his 37th of the season, and two Chapman’s dingers leave Fenway completely. The lone bright spot for the Red Sox is Hal Rhyne’s four hits.

1954: The Indians win the three games played at Boston this week to complete “season sweep” in Fenway. This is the first time since 1927 that a visiting team wins all the games played in their opponents’ home field.

1960: Second baseman Pete Runnels is 6 for7, in Boston 15 innings 5-4 win over the Tigers in the first game of a double header. Then in the night cap Runnels get three more hits as Boston goes on to it 3-2. The six hits in the first game is the most in the American League game in over five years, and his nine total tie a Major League record for hits in a double header.

1970: In the first game of a twin bill against the White Sox, Boston wins 22-11. This is the 10th time in the history of the Red Sox that the have scored 20 or more runs.

1976: In a game against the Rangers at Fenway Park, Jim Rice hits the 100th home run of the year for the Red Sox. The Sox have hit 100 home runs or more for 31 straight years.

1982: Despite Dwight Evans hitting two home runs in the slugfest between Boston and Oakland, the Red Sox lose the game 9-7. Both teams combine for a total of seven home runs.

1984: Jim Rice breaks a Major League record when he grounds out for the 33rd time this season. The Record was set in 1954 by fellow Red Sox Jackie Jensen.

1990: For the third time in five years reaches the twenty win mark as the Red Sox beat the Indians 9-2. The Rocket strikes out nine and does not walk a single batter.

1992: First Baseman Scott Cooper has five hits in Boston’s 4-2 win over the Angels in 10 innings.

1992: Boston trades pitcher Jeff Reardon to Atlanta for minor leaguers Nate Minchey and Sean Ross.

1996: “Big Mac” Mark McGwire hits his 45th home run of the season, ending Boston’s five game winning steak.

1997: Nomar Garciaparra is held hitless by Atlanta in the 15-2 loss to the Braves. Thus ending his streak of 30 games with a hit; this is longest streak for an American League Rookie since Gary Curtwright hit safely in 26 straight games in 1943.



Friday, August 29, 2008

Cap'n 'Tek Has His Game Goin' On

There's been a lot of discussion about the fate of Jason Varitek after this season. A lot of naysayers are raggin' on his BA, while omitting his skills behind the dish. Well I just want to point out just exactly what he's done in the last 10 games offensively: a nice average of .371 from lucky 13 hits in 35 AB's, also 6 runs, 5 RBI's, and 3 HR's.

So he had a slump, so what? Papi & Mikey had major slumps this year, as did Pedroia last year. They're part of the game, and sometimes they last longer than one would care, but don't be shipping out the glue that holds the team together over one. Besides, who else has the cajones to smackdown A-Rod?! Go 'Tek! Go Sox!


Dice-K Rolls as Boston Puts Up a Snowman on Chicago

There are not many ways to put Red Sox Nation at ease more than a game like tonight's. Dice-K earned his 16th win going 8 innings...that is not a typo, he went 8 innings!! He only gave up 2 hits and had 8 K's. Mike Timlin pitched a perfect 9th to seal the deal. Boston only needed one run to win but they put up 8 with 15 hits. Pedroia went 4-4 and Big Papi had 3 hits on the night. Great offense, great pitching, and good news on Beckett; nice way to start a three day weekend.

Red Sox Win 8-0 BOX SCORE


Casey to DL, Bowden to Boston

Sean Casey has gone on the 15-Day DL with a stiff neck...really, to the DL with a stiff neck? thing you know a player will get turf toe. The Red Sox called up Michael Bowden to the big club, he will make his MLB debut tomorrow against the White Sox.


Beckett to DL

Josh Beckett has been placed on the 15-Day DL retroactive to Aug. 18

UPDATE: Francona responds to Josh Beckett's visit to Dr. Andrews....positive news for the Nation.


Tonight's Red Sox Lineup 8/29 vs. Chicago

Mark Kotsay, RF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
Jed Lowrie, 3B
Coco Crisp, CF
Alex Cora, SS
Jason Varitek, C

Daisuke Matsuzaka, SP


This Day in Red Sox History

August 29
1906: Manger Jimmy Collins is suspended, and subsequently resigns, for leaving the team for a “holiday”. Collins friend as former Outfielder Chick Stahl is named the new manager. Stahl has a 5-13 Manger as skipper, he was supposed to return the next season at the helm, but commits suicide, confiding to Collins that he could not handle the strain of being the manager. Stahl is just one of many baseball players to kill themselves during the deadball era (1900-1920).

1916: The Browns (Orioles) defeat the Red Sox 5-3. “Babe” Ruth has an off day for both on the hill and at the plate. Coming in the game as a relief pitcher he last for five innings before being pulled with the bases loaded. Also with sack full, Ruth strikes out swinging.

1967: Boston ties an American League record set back on Independence Day of 1905, by playing in 29 innings in a doubleheader. The Sox take the first game beating the Yankees 2-1, but lose the second 4-3 in 20 innings. The night cap last hours and 15 minutes, and is the third game of least 18 innings of the year.

1972: Luis Taint pitches his 3rd straight shut out to beat the visiting White Sox 3-0. Reggie Smith hits two run scoring doubles off Tom Bradey in the win at Fenway.

1977: In an 8-7 loss to Oakland at Fenway Park, Jim Rice hits a homer in the 2nd, 3rd and 6th innings; he would also get a single in the 4th inning. Rice is the first player to go 4 for 4 since Norm Zauchin on May 27th, 1955.

1986: Joe Carter hits three home runs and singles twice for the visiting Indians, as Cleveland defeats the BoSox 7 to 3.

1993: The Royals George Brett steals the 200th stolen base of his career, leading the Kansas City to a 5-4 victory over the Boston. The Future Hall of Famer joins Willie Mays and Hank Aaron as the only players to amass 3,000 hits, 300 home runs and 200 stolen bases.
2000: Pedro Martinez has a no-hitter over the Devil Rays going into the ninth inning, when John Flaherty gets a lead of single to end it. After plunking the first batter of the game Martinez goes on to retire 24 batters in a row. Also in the game eight players for Tampa are ejected as well as Manager Larry Rothschild as well as two of his coaches.

2007: During a game at Yankees Stadium, Red Sox Manager Terry Francona is told by a Resident Security Agent or RSA to go to the dugout tunnel to prove that he is in compliance Major League Baseball rule 1.11 subsection 1 which states “All players on a team shall wear uniforms identical in color, trim and style, and all players uniforms shall include minimal six-inch numbers on their backs”, and subsection 3 that states “No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in the game”. In the past “Tito” had been know not to wear his jersey underneath his pullover. The Boston skipper is upset with the timing of the inspection, as it happens during the first inning with Bobby Abreu at the plate and Derek Jeter on second base. Manager Francona asks the RSA if it can wait till the inning is over, and is harshly told no.

In an interview after the game Tito fumed saying “Unless that (expletive) RSA can keep Jeter close (to second), he’d better stay out of the dugout…That’s as embarrassed as I’ve been for baseball in a long time. …Unless the guy can put on a bunt play, he ought to stay out of the (expletive) dugout. I’ve never seen that before. In the middle of the game, you’ve got the fashion police.” He would go on to explain the reason for he wears the sweatshirt over his jersey is do to a well documented circulation problem, and that he wears nylon legging under his pants regardless of the temperature to improve his circulation. He take does take blood thinners to help aid his condition, but one of the side effects is he tends to get cold early.

By Southstander


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beckett Scratched From Tomorrow's Start

If today's game wasn't bad enough, we now have Josh Beckett out again. Here's what Tito said in the post game press conference:

"I think the best word I can use is we're just trying to get some closure," Francona said. "We never want to send anyone out there that's not 100 percent. We're no more pessimistic about him today than we were, but when he goes out there [again] we want him to be able to pitch with peace of mind."
Let's just hope they are being extra cautious with him and that this is not a season ending injury.


Red Sox fans get rude treatment in skankeeland

Two Red Sox fans were escorted out of Yankee Stadium yesterday after getting what local skank fans thought was a little too vocal in their support of the Sox. Apparently, it’s OK if their own fans can intimidate and assault Sox fans, but not the other way around. The officer initiated contact with the Sox fan among heightened tensions already present with hundreds of skank fans shouting their famous ‘asshole’ chant. (Takes one to know one, I say.) I’m sure NYPD knows how volatile it can be for a Sox fan in skankee land and should have handled the situation much differently. The Sox fan was wrong to resist, but was provoked by the officer into escalating the incident even further before realizing that she was not going to see the remainder of the game, which the Sox won 11-3.

Ruth is turning over in his grave.


This Day in Red Sox History

August 28

1907: “Cy” Young wins the 20th game of the season defeating the Highlander (Yankees) 5-3.

1908: Boston fires manager Deacon McGuire and replace him with Fred Lake.

1912: The Red Sox sets a Major League record for the fewest at bat in a double header at 50. The few at bats that the do get, they make the most of winning the games 5-3 and 3-0.

1913: Walter Johnson’s 14 game winning streak ends as Boston defeats Washington 1-0 in 11 innings.

1915: Boston takes the first games of a double header in Cleveland 5-3 behind “Babe” Ruth and Carl Mays.

1921: The White Sox lose at home to the Red Sox 6-5 in 11 innings, and Sam Jones picks up his 20th win of the season.

1926: The Indians use the same line up, including starting pitcher Dutch Levsen in a double header at Fenway. Cleveland wins the first game 6-1 and the second one 5-1. Although Levsen did not strike out a single batter, he is the last Major League player to win two complete games in one day.

1932: Due the total solar eclipse on happening on the 31st, the Red Sox and Indians by a double header. Boston splits the series 10-1Land 4-3W.

1948: Short stop Vern Stephens is 4 for 4 with two double to lead Boston in a 6-2 win over Chicago. The only starter for Beantown not to get a hit is Ellis Kinder.

1950: Facing the Indians at Fenway Park the Red Sox rally to win 15-14, over coming deficits of 10-0 and 12-1. Dom DiMaggio is the spark the powers the Sox back as he has two triples and a single. The losing pitcher for Cleveland is Bob Feller, in his only relief appearance of the season, as he comes in the game for starter Bob Lemon, who happens to be the winningest pitcher in the American League this season.

1967: The Red Sox signs free-agent Ken Harrelson for the rest of this season and all of 1968. The contract has a $75,000 bonus. Harrelson will go on to hit a homer in is first at bat, but post a meager .200 average for the rest of his time in Boston.

1978: With the Sox down 9-7 in the bottom of the ninth Fred Lynn steps to the dish, and gets his 5th hit of the game including his 34th homer. Lynn would go on to score on an error, then Butch Hobson drives in the winning run on a two run double. The Red Sox and the Mariners combine for 16 extra base hits, in Boston’s 10-9 win.

1983: Greg Luzinski becomes the first player to hit three homers onto the roof of Comiskey Park, by connecting off “Oil Can” Boyd in Chicago’s 6-2 victory. Both “Double X” Jimmie Foxx and Teddy Ballgame each reach the top of the barn twice in Comiskey.

1999: Tim Wakefield faces fellow Steve Sparks knuckleballer face off at Fenway. This believed to be only the 27th match up between two knuckleballers in the entire history of big league play. Boston would win the game 7-6.


Yankee Fan w/Laser Fails to Rattle Byrd

Yankee fans will sink to the absolute lowest depths in attempting to gain an edge for da Bronx Bums. A fan apparently tried to shake the Byrd cage by flashing a laser light at him during the game. Byrd, being the professional he is, ignored the inconvenience (unlike Joba and the flies) and continued to pitch a most excellent game. The umpires, however, were more concerned than Byrd and convened on the mound with him about it. The mysterious light seemed to have disappeared after the mound convention.


I Think Theo Knew Something We Didn't

Former Red Sox reliever Craig Hansen, who was traded to Pittsburgh in the three-team trade that sent Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers and brought Jason Bay to Boston, has been demoted to AAA by the Bucs. Two days ago, Hansen issued free passes to walk in the tying and go-ahead runs during the Cubs' seven-run, eighth-inning rally that helped Chicago win 14-9 and sweep a three-game series. Hansen was 0-2 with a 8.10 ERA in nine games with Pittsburgh. He was optioned to Triple-A Indianapolis on Wednesday.


Dancing On the Yankees Grave

You never know how long the good times will last so lets enjoy them while they are here. If you look at the headline of the NY Daily News, you will notice our old friend Hank has something to say about his team. He only really states the obvious: "All I can think about is this game at this point," Steinbrenner said when asked if his team's playoff hopes were finished. "We'll see what happens (today), but the bottom line is they sucked." Maybe Hank is not as dumb as we thought. But then he went right back to being Hank with: It's very disappointing," Steinbrenner said. "Even without having our two best pitchers, so forth and so on, they still stunk. That's the bottom line." Hank, do you realize that Beckett was not in the game? Your team just lost to Paul Byrd. Why are you still whining about injuries?

Hank watches in horror as he realizes his first year at the helm has been a total disaster.

Yes, that is Jack looking on as his team gets beat in another sport by Boston. It is also nice to see two Sox fans right behind him to make his night more painful.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turn Out The Lights....The Party's Over

The Red Sox destroyed the Yankees in their second to last game at Yankee Stadium tonight. Pedroia's grand slam in the 8th put one more shovel full of dirt on the Yankee's grave. Theo has made all of the right moves and has put the team in a position to repeat this year. Paul Byrd has pitched well and Jason Bay haa hit well. Asking for a sweep tomorrow might be too much but it would show how much things have changed. The Red Sox lost their first game in Yankee Stadium back in 1923, it would be fitting if their last game ends in a win. Do you think the Sox will be invited to open the new Yankee Staduim? Something tells me they might be left off of the guest list.


The Buzzards are Circling da Bronx

The Sox have taken games 1 & 2 of the last series between the Sox and the Yanks to ever be held at that stadium. This one was even more convincing than last night. Chief vulture Paul Byrd pitched 6 innings, allowing only 5 hits, 2 walks, and 2 runs. Manny pitched a clean 7th in relief. The Sox broke it open in the 8th on Dustin Pedroia's 1st major league grand slam.

The Yanks are now 7 GB the Sox and 10.5 behind the Rays, who won a pitcher's duel in Toronto tonight, 1-0. The Yanks are also in 3rd place in the wild card race behind the Sox and the Twins. (I think I hear the funeral dirge.)

Sox win 11-3 BOX SCORE


Moe, Larry, and Curly

Much has been made of the manner that the Steinbrenner’s have managed the Yankees over the years, but I say leave them be. They know what they’re doing, right? I mean, that’s why they’re the owners and we’re just fans, (albeit fans of a different team), but fans nonetheless. If we knew as much about owning a baseball team as ol’ George and Hank and Hal, then we’d be sitting we’re John Henry is up in that suite, and not watching in front of the tube or on the computer. So let’s just leave the Steinbrenner’s alone as they continue to manage the team to its eventual fate.
I mean, we don’t want to be pointing out all their mistakes, now do we?
(heh heh, snicker)


Tonight's Red Sox Lineup 8/27 in New York

Ellsbury RF
Pedroia 2B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 1B
Bay LF
Lowrie 3B
Varitek C
Cora SS
Crisp CF

Byrd SP


Mark Kotsay, A Red Sox OF

Mark Kotsay in Boston. . . . who's to say he's really any better than the current crop of our three out fielders?  Looking at his stats... 282 career BA. . maybe 6-8 average HR's a year. .  I don't know if it makes me drop my cigar in awe. . . Cigar you ask? Yes.  .I had a baby boy Born on Yaz's birthday Friday the 22nd, so join me shall we in a congratulatory smoke for the Sox, Yaz, and my tyke Nolan.  

Ok. now that that's done. . . what to do with Kotsay? is this a cautionary move since JD is out? What bout our need with Pitching, seems Clay will stay in AA for a bit don't it? 

Colon? he the 5th starter? COME ON people we NEED some pitching help..... I love Masterson, and think he's developing into a great player, but we need some relief help maybe a starter, and we go get a CENTER FIELDER? Don't we have the future of the game in CF (and the only one on the team that can play all three outfield positions, in Ellsbury?)

Maybe that's why I'm NOT a GM. but PUHLEASE, what am I missing?

Well, at least we're spanking the Yanks, and will sweep 'em in their last home stand ever, if that aint poetry what is?

I'm out for the day guys, gotta finish this Cigar, 

Oregon Out!


What Fun!

Here's the good stuff from the NY Media:

A-Bum hears boos as Yanks sink

Just call him Double Play-Rod. Alex Rodriguez set the tone in a dismal 7-3 loss to the Red Sox, going 0-for-5 with an error, 2 strikeouts - including one to end the game - and 2 double plays. For the year, A-Rod is 1-for-10 with the bases loaded.

Lupica: Blame lands on A-Rod

They booed Alex Rodriguez Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium on what was supposed to be the first big night of the rest of the season, booed him as loudly as they have lately, booed him maybe as loudly as they ever have.

and from the NY Post:


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mark Kotsay Could Be Headed To the Red Sox

ESPN and the Atlanta Journal Constitution are citing sources as saying a deal is in the final stages:

A person familiar with the situation said the Braves were close enough to a trade that they didn’t want to risk Kotsay getting hurt playing on the rain-soaked surface at Turner Field.
This will give the Red Sox another outfielder who can play all three spots with solid defense. This is a sign that they are worried about J.D. Drew. Landing Mark Kotsay would give the Sox another lefty at the plate.

UPDATE: Gordon Edes is reporting that the deal is done.


Going For the Jugular

The Boston Red Sox entered Yankee Stadium for one last series before the Yankees fade into oblivion. With a lineup that resembled a spit squad from spring training, they dismantled a team that already had one foot in the grave. Wake came off of the DL to pitch effectively for 5 innings giving up 3 earned runs and earning the win. The Yanks jumped to an early lead after Damon's home run but the Sox quickly came back and had the lead by the third inning for good. Aside from Delcamen trying to let the Yankees back in the game, the pen was spectacular, especially Masterson getting out of a big jam. To add to the fun of the game the boobirds came out several times for A-Rod. Even if the Yankees win the next two games they will only gain one game in the race, they are fading away in front of their own crowd. I can't wait to see the New York papers tomorrow as they rip their hometown team. But for those of you who can't wait here's a tidbit from the NY Times:

Rodriguez went 0 for 5 with two double plays, two strikeouts and a throwing error in the Yankees’ 7-3 loss to the Red Sox on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium....“It was an awful night,” Rodriguez said. “I pretty much screwed it up every way you can screw it up.” The Yankees are 11-12 in August, and Rodriguez has grounded into nine double plays in the month while hitting .238. If they cannot depend on Rodriguez in the clutch, the Yankees have little hope of a monumental comeback.

Red Sox win 7-3 BOX SCORE


Drew, Beckett, and Yaz

J.D. Drew has gone on the 15 day DL with the back issue, Beckett is going to pitch on Friday, and Yaz was discharged from Mass General Hospital.


Tonight's Red Sox Lineup 8/26 in the Bronx

J.D. Drew and Sean Casey are still out.

Jacoby Ellsbury, RF

Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
Jason Bay, LF
Jed Lowrie, SS
Coco Crisp, CF
Jeff Bailey, 1B
Kevin Cash, C

Tim Wakefield, SP


Finally a Red Sox/Yanks Series That is Not Over-hyped

This is perhaps the most important series the Red Sox so far this season, for the Yankees it could mean the end or a hope for the playoffs. One surprising thing is the little amount of attention this series has received outside of Boston in New York. Giants or A's fans out here in California always know when the Sox/Yanks are playing and it becomes water cooler discussion, but not for this series. Since Fox and ESPN have over hyped every May-July meeting of the A.L. East rivals they have made people weary of a non October match up between New York and Boston. The games will not be on national TV and there will be no Star Wars intros and ominous music to show fans the importance of the game. These games however are very important. The Red Sox have a chance to bury the Yankees for the season in their last visit to the Stadium. They can prove to be a true playoff contender that can win on the road with a team riddled with injuries. For the Yankees there could not be more on the line. Girardi will be considered a failure if the Yankees lose this series; a sweep by the Red Sox would be another example of faded Yankee glory. Most likely the series will be won 2 games to 1, a one game swing in the standings that will be OK for the Red Sox if they are on the losing side but devastating for the Yankees if they fall back another game.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Injury Update

Good news on the injury front. Aardsma had X-rays taken today (negative) and is going to begin a short rehab period. Lugo's injury is not as bad as thought so he will be able to resume rehabbing also and could join the team in mid September. Mike Lowell is also joining the team in New York and should come off of the DL soon.


This Day In Red Sox History

August 25

1911: “Smoky” Joe Wood beats the St. Louis Browns (Baltimore Orioles) 3-2, picking up his 20th win of the season.

1915: Boston extends its winning streak to seven games by, beating the Tigers by a score of 2-1, and solidifies first place in the American League. The Sox have also won 19 out of the past 21 games played.

1937: 16 Red Sox batters are fanned by Cleveland’s Bob Feller; this is one less the American League record. The Indians win the game 8-1.

1940: After losing 7- 2 to St. Louis in the first game of a twin bill, Boston comes back with a vengeance, in the night cap winning the game 17-3. Eleven of the 11 runs come in the sixth inning, with Jimmie Foxx hitting his 3rd grand slam of the year. The game is called just one inning later.

1950: Mel Parnell leads Boston to its 11th straight win by beating Detroit 6-2.

1960: Coming into the game as a pinch hitter, Vic Wertz hit his second career grand slam tying a record Bill Skowron in 1957. Ted Williams hit his 516th home run in the 10-7 win over Cleveland.

1963: Two records for strike outs where set today, the first is a combined 44 strike out by Boston and Cleveland in a double header. The second is the Indians having 27 strike outs in 24 innings.

1965: Earl Wilson strikes out 13 in an 8-3 win over the visiting Senators.

1967: With today’s 6-2 win over Chicago, the Red Sox move to a half game lead of the American League.

1978: Dennis Eckersley wins his eighth win of the season at Fenway by shutting out the Angels 6-0. Jim Rice has three hits including his 32nd home run of the season.

1995: Jose Canseco becomes only the fifth player to hit five home runs in five straight games. Unfortunately his homer is the only run that the Sox score in a 6-1 loss to Oakland. This is only the 3rd loss of the past 23 games for Boston.

2001: Boston loses to Texas 8-7 in 18 innings, the game last six hours, 35 minutes, becoming the longest game of the season. Both teams combine to use 17 pitchers, only one shy of the Major League record for an extra innings game. After a wild pitch by Boston, Chad Curtis steals second, and is driven home on a grounder. In a strange twist, Chris Michalak picks up the win, after being the losing pitcher yesterday.



Lowrie Talks About Yesterday's Game and Playing Third


For All of You Political Junkies

Fenway West contributor Brian O'Donnell was elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Colorado. He will be posting updates about the event throughout the week on his site


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Last Stand at Yankee Stadium

The Sox leave Toronto with a series win and head to the Big Apple (rotten to the core) for their last visit ever to the venerable, the original, Yankee Stadium. MLB celebrated the distinguished history of that stadium by staging this year's All Star game there. That was the game that JD Drew of the Sox was named MVP.
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I'm dreaming of the Sox taking the Yankees out back and tying them to the whipping post for this stand, a massacre that makes up for the Yankee's humliation of the Sox in '78 and '06, a massacre that outdoes that pair of 17-1 victories, the 4 back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs from last year, and Lester's complete game shutout this year.

Such a storied franchise should be leaving The House That Ruth Built on top, but thanks to Moe, Larry, and Curly (The Steinbrenners 3- George, Hank, & Hal), they leave the building in disgrace, quite possibly not even making it to the post-season for the first time in several years. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. The Yanks, after swaggering like peacocks all these years, are due for a little humility, perhaps 87 years worth. Call it the Curse of A-Rod: 26 WS Championships, no more, no more.


Jed Lowrie is Today's Hero

Bottom of the 1st, it looked as if the Sox pitching staff was still working Toronto BP as Dice-K gave up a long ball to Vernon Wells with one on. 'Huh boy, it's gonna be another long night', I thought . The Sox answered with 4 runs in the top of the 3rd. Despite allowing 5 runs on 8 hits, Dice-K only issued 1 free pass today, and had a relatively low pitch count as well. The 2 teams alternated leads only to come up tied at 5 apiece at the end of the 9th. Masterson and Okajima put in 2 innings and only allowed 1 hit and 1 BB. Papelbon pitched 2 scoreless innings, but only threw 16 pitches. Jed Lowrie is today's hero, hitting a solo shot in the top of the 11th to give the Sox the go ahead run.
Because of his low pitch count, I was wondering if Tito was going to send Pap out for a 3rd inning, but out came Manny Delcarmen instead. I could hear the groans 3000 miles away, but he got the job done today. The BJ's made him work for it, though, as he needed 26 pitches to get through the inning and earn the save.
Meanwhile in Chicago, the other Sox also went into extra innings to beat the Rays by the same 6-5 score. The Red Sox are now 4.5 GB the Ray's as they head next to the Big Apple and their last visit to Yankee Stadium.

Sox win 6-5 BOX SCORE


Book Preview: 'The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty' by Buster Olney

I'm only up to page 58, but oooh! This is a good one so far! One thing is fo' shua~ this one is a must read for any Sox fan.


David Ortiz Gives Us the Quote of the Day

Here's what Big Papi had to say when asked if the Sox would make the playoffs:

“We’re fine, bro, we go through this shit every year. And at the end of the year, we’ll take another ring for us.”



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