Sunday, January 18, 2009

Papelbon Will Not Follow Pedroia and Youk

Don't expect Jonathan Papelbon to sign a long term contract with the Red Sox this year. The Daily News is reporting that Paps is telling his friends he is not going to give up his free agency:

It's Papelbon's position that, in agreeing to switch from starter to closer two springs ago, he made the ultimate sacrifice for the Red Sox considering that closers make less than starters. They also break down more, while starters are coddled.

He does have a point with the money he gave up to become a closer but he also might learn that the market has changed; look at Manny or Tek. If Papelbon breaks down in the next few years he will have no shot at the big payday he is expecting. He should not close any doors on negotiations and work quietly with the team or he may alienate fans and other potential bidders.



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