Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Papi is Not Mo Vaughn

In today's Herald they compare David Ortiz to Mo Vaughn. They remind everyone how great Vaughn was before injuries took away his power and eventually ended his career:

So the Hit Dog is long gone, but we look back today for a reason: That elephant is back in the room at Fenway Park. The front-office wonks are different now, but the concern is the same. That big, powerful slugger with the cool nickname and the large appetite? How much does Big Papi have left? How long can that body hold up?

What was left out of the article was Vaughn's use of steroids which helped bring about his sudden downfall. Ortiz's knee injury can partially be attributed to his weight but the wrist injury should be gone now that he has time to rest. Big Papi will be back this season and in a big way, he is only two seasons removed from setting the Red Sox record for most home runs in a season. Ortiz may be on the down slope of his career but do not expect him to drop off of a cliff like Vaughn did.



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