Sunday, May 25, 2008

Can Lester Do it Again?

Jon Lester may need to throw another no-hitter if the Red Sox want to avoid a sweep today in Oakland. There is no trip to Japan to blame for the lack of hitting this time, it is time for the Sox to start hitting on the road. At last night's game I would say that about half of the crowd was Red Sox fans and I would bet there will be more today. It is pretty incredible when you think how far away the Sox are from Fenway and you still hear the "Let's Go Red Sox!" or "Yoouuuk" chants. There were Red Sox flags flying in the parking lot. Sox batters should feel comfortable at the plate and should be able to deliver; I really believe the bats will wake up today. The A's do not hit lefties well so Lester has a chance for another good outing. My son will be happy because Manny will be in left today in front of our seats. We may not get to see #500 but #499 will be OK. After last night, a run would be nice.



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