Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is Dave Magadan to Blame?

When you take a close look at some stats this season there are a few troubling signs. Youk is the only starter who is batting over .300 (.306). But the more troubling stat is Walk Percentage. Last season Ortiz, Youk, Manny, J.D. Drew, Hinske and Tek all had a walk percentage above 10%. This season only Ortiz, Ellsbury and Lowell have a BB% over 10 (each is at 12%). Last season Tek was the only starter with a K% above 20%. This season Manny, Tek, and Drew are all above 20% K-rate. Cash, even though he is not a starter, is at 30%. The Red Sox are swinging a little more freely this season and the blame has to be put squarely with hitting coach Dave Magadan. Don't get me wrong, the Sox are an excellent offensive team, they just need to tighten up a bit and it is Magadan's job to get them to do it.



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