Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Sox Convert Padres Fan

A disgruntled Padres fan recently sent letters to Major League teams informing them that he had given up on his hometown team because:

after the recent events with Padres ownership and management, I have come to the conclusion that they are doing a huge disservice not only to their fans but to the community as well. You must agree that decades-long Padres fans – such as myself – have had plenty to bemoan, and precious little to celebrate. The final straw was trading away my favorite player, letting the fan favorite closer leave town (and letting the door hit him on the way out), and actively trying to sell their highest trading chip

He went on to say that his loyalty was for sale and that he would attend as many games as possible and attend spring training for the team that won his loyalty. The Red Sox sent him a letter back explaining their committment to winning as well as a bag of dirt from Fenway, player photos and a few stickers. The disgruntled Padres fan is now a happy Red Sox fan. The Western Nation continues to grow.



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