Monday, March 2, 2009

It's All Working According to Manny's Plan

Think Manny Ramirez is in a major jam right now? Think again. Manny left Boston because he wanted more than the $20 million he would be getting for each of the next two years. He has already had offers for more than that and turned them down. If Ramirez would accept a 2 year deal at $27 mil per year he could be playing tomorrow but he is doing what he wants now. He gets to miss spring training, play hours of video games, go to a few car shows and arrive at camp when he is ready. Ramirez will sign with a team before opening day with a deal better than what he would have had if he stayed in Boston. Everyone who thinks Manny is crazy for not taking the last Dodger's offer doesn't realize that Manny is still being Manny and doing exactly what he wants.



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