Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roy Halladay: Looking for a New Home?

So, the trade rumors have been all a flutter in the last couple days with the announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays are open to trading their ace Roy Halladay.

Which of course brings up the topic of who will get him? The Blue Jays GM said he would be open to a trade to another AL East rival...mainly the Red Sox or Yankees.

Halladay has said he likes it in Toronto and would like to stay, but he also said that at this point in his career...he has a desire to win. Wow...what a backhanded way of saying that your current ballclub has no ability to bring you to the post season. Of course, we know Doc's comments are true, I was just surprised to hear him say it.

Jon Heyman on the twitter just said that Halladay is "shy" but that he would likely accept a trade to New York, Boston or the Phillies.

So, it begs the question....if Doc is traded, where would he most likely end up?

It is stated that the Jays are looking for a high quality short stop and some other considerations. I mean, we are talking about Roy Halladay here. Well, since the Red Sox are looking for a high quality short stop as well, I don't think we have what they are looking for. I doubt they would consider trading Doc for Lugo, eh? Now...the possibility of Nick Green and some baby pitchers...that's a possibility....not a good possibility, but still a possibility.

Of course we want Doc Halladay. No one could say they would not want that pitching machine on their staff. However, the question is do we NEED him? Is he worth what we would have to give up? My answer is no. Doc is unquestionable an ace. He is someone who leads ballclubs. We already have two dueling aces in Josh Beckett and Jon Lester. We also have an abundance of pitching. We have Beckett, Lester, Wake, Penny, Smoltz....and Buchholz and Bowden just sitting around twiddling their thumbs in AAA. We have Dice-K continuing his version of spring training in July. Oh...and we also have the enigma that is Justin Masterson who can start games, long relief and even close games. So, our need for pitching is not really there, but it's hard to not want in on something that includes the name Roy Halladay.

My heart sinks when my brain tells me where I think he will end up if in fact he does get traded. That's right folks...the Yankees. Sighs. With Wang going on the DL and the Yanks not having all these other pitchers lying around waiting for the chance to pitch, they would be in the market for a quality starting pitcher. If the Yankees are in the market for a pitcher and Roy Halladay is on the trade does that not look like something that would happen? The question is if the Yankees have enough or what the Blue Jays want. One, we know the Yankees are much more willing than the Red Sox to trade prospects. And two, even if they don't have what the Blue Jays want, they might get into a 3 way trade with another team to get the deal done. The Yankees will always sign away the promise of tomorrow for the victories of today.

Let me just say two things about these Doc Halladay rumors:

1) I hope that he either stays with the Blue Jays or gets traded to the Phillies. Both of those I can accept. If he gets sent to the Bronx, the depression that will follow will be out of control.

2) Every time someone mentions trading Clay Buchholz, even when it involves Doc Halladay...I have a full and complete tantrum. So, STOP IT! My tanturms are not pretty people.


Matt July 8, 2009 at 9:20 AM  

I don't think the Jays would trade him to an AL East rival but IMO Halladay is a proven front of the rotation guy, Buchholz could be one but is not yet and may never be. If the Red Sox had a rotation of Beckett, Lester, Halladay, Wake, and Dice-K(or Penny/Smoltz) they would have the best rotation in baseball by far.

Heretic,  July 8, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

If we could get him for 2-3 years I'd say you can gift wrap Clay, Nick Green and a few hats full of money and send them to Toronto tomorrow... but Roy Halladay's contract is up after 2010 and you can bet he'll command a high salary for his next one. Almost any trade we'd make for him would be too much for a 15 month rental.

dave,  July 8, 2009 at 7:43 PM  

The Yankees have gone out and bought every piece of candy that's come on the market in the past (fill in the blank) years, and still have not made it to the WS since, hell I don't remember. Damon, Sabfathia, Burnett, Teixeira, A-Roid.....

Halladay won't bring them a crown, but then again, I seriously doubt he'll be in pinstripes. They have nothing left down in their silo to trade. They'd have to give up Hughes and Headhunter, and I doubt Cashman will do that.


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