Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ranger's Money Woes May Aid Red Sox

The Texas Rangers are a financial mess and their money problems may cause them to lose the wild-card race.  The already lost out on signing their number one pick and now they may have to shut down Kevin Millwood for the remainder of the season so he does not hit 180 innings pitched which would guarantee him $12 million next season.

However, owner Tom Hicks contradicted the report and said Millwood would keep on pitching:

"As far as Kevin Millwood is concerned, we never gave any consideration to that," Hicks said. "We need him to be one of our leaders down the stretch. There have not been any thoughts or discussions with MLB about Kevin's contract for next year -- nor will there be. We expect Kevin to be in the rotation next year and have a strong finish to his contract." 

It would be a real shame if the Red Sox win the wild-card because of Texas' money problems and not because they were the better team, it would be yet  another failure on the part of commisioner Bud Selig.  We can only hope that Hicks is right and that the better team wins with their best players on the field.



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