Friday, February 13, 2009

Like it Or Not, Buchholz Still Under Pressure

He worked things out in the minors, he got his command back in the Arizona Fall League, he has better mental control now:

"I don't think there are any words for it," he said. "I never had to go through any adversity throughout my whole career. It was different last year. It was the first time I really struggled and it sort of snowballed on me. You have to live and learn, and I learned a lot from it last year."

Sound like something you have heard before? Unlike last season when Buchholz was given the benefit of the doubt when he struggled in spring training, this spring he will have to earn his spot in the rotation. Beckett, Lester, Dice-K and Wake are already in. Penny wants to be number 5 and Masterson will start the spring as a starter. Clay better bring his A game to Fort Myers if he wants a spot. He has had a hard time with pressure before and this spring is going to test him again.



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