Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ever wonder what goes on in your old hometown? (continued)

Red Sox Sonoma here (aka Dave), sitting at the ol' homestead in RI visiting the folks for their 65th anniversary along with my 3 brothers. I got to watch the game last night on NESN which is quite a treat after suffering through TBS, Ken Rosenthal, and Fox. Late after the game had ended, we got to experience a good old fashioned New England lightning and thunderstorm, of which there are very few of in coastal California. Woke up late (I'm still on CA time), went downstairs, had breakfast and picked up the Providence Journal. (I still prefer paper to digital newspapers.) Mark Patinkin is an entertaining columnist for the paper who writes about the Sox on occasion. He wrote a story in today's ProJo called "License plates Rhode Islanders will love." Sounded interesting, so I read it. He recites a list of new RI license plates now available for an additional fee. There was one plate design that he described that confounded him, me, and I am sure all of RSN as well.

A RI Yankee license plate.

Huh? WT........ ?

I understand that the General Assembly of RI, as well as every other state in these dire economic times is trying desperately to find new sources of revenue, but a Yankee license plate?

Puh-leeze! We're only 50 miles from Fenway! What did you guys put in your pipe?! After all the reports of violence between Red Sox and Yankee fans, the State Legislature proposes this?! Now I know there are Yankee fans in RI (my father is a Yankee fan), but putting one of those plates on your car would be kin to lathering yourself up in bacon fat and walking into Grizzly Bear country in Montana!

Money's tight everywhere, but this proposal should garner a Darwin Award for whomever the brilliant public servant is who submitted it. Then again, Yankee fans aren't that brilliant either, (with just a few exceptions, such as my father, and Jimmy, the guitarist I work with.)



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