Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jason Bay Blogs About His All-Star Experience

Jason Bay has a blog post up over at where he talks about some of the highlight of the All-Star experience in St. Louis this week. Here are a few of the highlights:

So I become an American citizen and a week later I meet the President. That’s how it works for everybody, isn’t it?....from the time we went on the field one thing I couldn’t take my eyes off were the snipers on top of the stadium. Even in the fourth inning, I couldn’t stop looking at them because from where I was it looked like a video game, with the dark silhouette and with the sun setting. I’m thinking, “These are snipers! That’s so cool!”....Put it this way, you know you’re probably going to get fastballs from the best pitchers around, so you aren’t preaching patience. There’s no ‘Moneyballing’ it in this game.

We can only hope that he keeps on blogging for the rest of the season and for years to come when the Red Sox lock him up.



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