Monday, June 9, 2008

The Masterson Dilemma

What *should* the Sox do with Masterson? Right now the rotation is as follows: Beckett, Wakefield, Lester, Colon, Masterson. When Dice-K returns, Masterson will obviously be the odd man out, unless Tito decides to go to a 6 man rotation, but there hasn't been any talk of that recently. That puts Bucholz and Masterson back in Pawtucket. And then there's the eventual return of Schilling. My money is on Colon getting traded, and either Bucholz or Masterson (whomever is posting the better numbers) moving back up. Theo made a brilliant move signing Colon and has quite the stable lined up, jic one of them gets hurt. Always a real possibility. The way Colon's pitching, he should be able to attract some quality talent in return for a player wherever needed by the Sox. Like shortstop for starters.


Fenway West June 9, 2008 at 4:03 PM  

I like the idea of trading Colon for some bullpen help my only worry is that the only teams that will be looking for pitching are team the Sox may be competing against down the stretch. Who would have thought the Sox would have 7 quality starters to figure out what to do with?


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