Monday, June 9, 2008

Schilling Thinks The Sox Will Be OK Without Ortiz

Curt Schilling checks in over at and covers most of the recent events. He highlights one of the great things about having Manny Ramirez on your team:

No one on this team is as affected by David’s absence as Manny. The reason that’s perfect for us is that Manny NEVER allows things like that to change his approach. He’s done what he’s done, the way he’s done it, for that very reason. Manny hits and Manny approaches his AB’s in his way, every day.

Manny and J.D. will continue to carry the team in Ortiz's absence and when Big Papi comes back with the rested knee the Sox will just get better. I would also like to point out just how great Wake has been lately, with the no-hitter by Lester, Manny hitting #500, and Masterson's great spot starts, Wakefield has been overlooked. He has had three great starts in a row and is one of the reasons why the Sox can overcome injuries and suspensions.


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