Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rays Prove to Be Too Much For the Red Sox

The game started off so well; Pedroia's early homer and Lester mowing them down in order. The Rays tied it up in the 4th and took the lead in the 5th. Garza settled in and became untouchable, giving up just one more hit until he was pulled after 7 innings. Lester pitched well too but gave up a big homer in the 7th to Aybar. The Red Sox had a chance to comeback in the 8th but could not come up with a big hit and J.D. Drew struck out to end the top half of the inning. After striking out Drew in the 8th, Price returned to pitch the 9th. Bay drew a walk but then Kotsay and Tek both struck out. Lowrie grounded out to end the season for Boston. The Rays looked like the American League champs tonight and will be tough in the World Series. They have some good young talent and should be in the picture for years to come. The Red Sox have some big questions to answer in the offseason but we will get to those in the coming days. On a side note, I was on the live blog at during the game and Curt Schilling logged on to chat for a few innings, he was as outspoken as usual. Thanks to all of the readers who have stayed with Fenway West for our first season on the net and remember that even though the games are over, we cover the Red Sox year round.

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Red Sox Lose 3-1 BOX SCORE


Heretic,  October 20, 2008 at 6:57 AM  

I can't be disappointed with our season, especially given how many cracks were showing in our foundation by the time we got to the post season. It was a great series and an epic comeback, even if we couldn't complete it. Also, you don't want to turn into a tool like Derek Jeter (and many Yankee fans) who consider a baseball team a failure if they don't win the world series every year.

In conclusion, congrats to the Rays... they earned it. Fuck the Rays "fans" 80% of whom were not fans 3 months ago. And fuck the orange juice abortion known as Tropicana Field, the saddest excuse for a ball park in MLB... I hope it's annihilated by a category 5 hurricane.

I haven't cheered for a NL team since 2003... Go Phillies! :)


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