Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Derek Lowe Is Not Coming Back Through That Door

Derek Lowe will not be returning to the Boston Red Sox. The Mets have offered him a 3-year deal and with the Red Sox signing of Brad Penny there is very little chance they would want another middle of the road starter. The Daily News had this additional information:

Lowe recently told a friend that the Red Sox, who signed Brad Penny to a one-year deal this week, have never showed serious interest in him, and indicated that he thinks he'll wind up as a Met, telling the friend the two sides had exchanged contract proposals before Christmas.

The Red Sox could still go after a front of the rotation type player like Peavy or try to get a bargain on a guy like Sheets but they are not going to spend big money on a middle to back of the rotation pitcher right now. With the recent rumors about going after Hanley Ramirez it looks like the Red Sox are willing to make a big trade to gain some power not pitching.



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