Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Buchholz Gamble

What will become of Clay Buchholz? The ProJo reports he is being used as trade bait by the Red Sox right now. Theo is in a difficult situation with Buchholz; scouts say he has the stuff to become a front line starter, his performance on the field last season did not live up to that. At what point do you start evaluating Buchholz for what he is and not what he could possibly be? Lester made the huge jump last season and Buchholz could do it this year. If Theo wants to trade Buchholz for a good offensive player or a guy like Peavy he may have to act fast. Buchholz could struggle in spring training or at the start of the season like last year and he will have no trade value for a mid-season trade. Buchholz's trade value is probably at the highest point it will be for the next 3 years, if Buchholz lives up to the hype it could go way up after a few years but if he can not make the jump the Red Sox will have missed a great opportunity to improve their team. Theo needs to strike while the iron is hot or the Sox could be stuck with a mediocre offense and a 5th starter with an ERA north of 5.00.


BL Rob January 4, 2009 at 4:25 PM  

I have to admit... I've always been sceptikal of Bucky.

I'd love to see him bounce back this year, but I'm not sure I see what others see in him.

If he can learn to control his lanky body and master his arm slot, he'll be good... but it's easier said than done.

Bottom Line: We've got pitching depth... what we don't have is a catcher. If Buchholz gets you a young catcher, I say make the deal.


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