Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can This Lineup Win the East?

With the signing of Jason Varitek the Red Sox are ready to enter spring training with a competitive team. The opening day lineup could look very similar to last season.

1. Ellsbury CF
2. Pedroia 2B
3. Ortiz DH
4. Youk 1B
5. Bay LF
6. Lowell 3B
7. Drew RF / Baldelli
8. Lowrie SS / Lugo
9. Varitek C/ Bard

Tito has multiple options in the middle of the order and the lineup will change often. If these players stay healthy they should be able to provide enough power and if they get injured the Sox have Kotsay, Baldelli, Lugo and Bard who can all fill in nicely. It is a team that came within 1 game of the World Series last season and should be better this year with some improvements in the pitching staff and the healthy return of some veterans.



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