Monday, January 26, 2009

Offer to Tek is Low and Comes With a Deadline

The details of the offer made to Jason Varitek from the Boston Red Sox are now coming to the surface. From Rob Bradford at

"The two-year offer made by the Red Sox to catcher Jason Varitek is for $5 million for the first year, along with a club option for $5 million or a $3 million player option for season No. 2 of the deal. It is believed incentives would be part of the agreement. The Red Sox have set a deadline for Varitek to accept the offer, although it is not known what the date has been set."

$5 million is far below what Varitek would have earned through arbitration, which he rejected, and is most likely why the negotiations have stalled. If you look at it from the Red Sox point of view, they are making an offer based on the age of the player and his performance last season. Tek is asking for money based on what he has contributed to the team in the past. The team is taking the right approach here; Tek had his big payday during his last contract and he is not going to get much more elsewhere. Once he and Boras realize there is no market for him at $8 million/year for 2 years they will accept the offer.



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