Friday, January 30, 2009

East Coast Deadline Passes, West Coast Deadline Looms for Tek

8:30 am came and went on the East Coast with no word from Tek or his agent Dr. Evil. There is still the possibility that the deadline was for 8:30 California time. Is the captain really still at home listening to the Clash's "Should I stay or should I go?" What could possibly be gained by pushing the decision to the last minute? I believe that Boras will ignore the deadline and try to figure out what move the Sox will make next and try to break it up so he can try to get Varitek a better offer from the club closer to spring training. With no news yet I would put the odds of Tek coming back to the team at less than 20%. There will be plenty of time to reflect on his career with the Sox later but for now there is just the feeling of what could he possibly be thinking?


Bottom Line Rob January 30, 2009 at 6:18 AM  

What is he thinking? is right.

It's feeling more and more like we've seen the last of Tek... and it's very strange.


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