Thursday, January 29, 2009

Report: Tek Balking at Sox Offer

On WEEI's Dale & Holley show the following was reported this morning:

"I have moles who have told me if the deadline were today, no deal."

I don't see any teams rushing in at the last minute to sign Varitek and the fact that he has not taken the deal with 1 day left point to him not signing. It would be a shame to have him play elsewhere this season but I think he made his bed when he rejected arbitration so now he has to deal with the consequences. I am a big fan of what Tek has done for the team but I think the Red Sox are in the right here with this deal and will have a hard time if he cries foul over the offer. The silver lining of this might be players becoming less willing to take on Scott Boras as their agent.

hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors



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