Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newspaper Fool Calls Fenway a Dump

This moron wrote a column about how bad Fenway is:

I even think I've seen stalactites forming off some of the old exposed pipes clinging to Fenway's crumbling concrete.

Want to miss at least two innings of action? Go buy a beer.

Want to wear a neck brace for a month? Sit in the right field grandstand.

Want to feel like you’ve been run over by the Patriots' defensive front line? Walk the concourse gauntlet parallel the Red Sox clubhouse.

I was reminded of all this Friday when I made my first of seven trips to see the 2009 Sox. Thirty seconds after my ticket was scanned a strong sense of claustrophobia swept over me....It used to be that people would pray to be able to see the Sox win another World Series before they died.

How many people have to die before there's a new Fenway?

Please head over to his comment section and let him know your feelings.



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