Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yankees: Beware

This is not the same Sox team you swept earlier this month in your house. You're playing in Fenway against a team that has resumed it's winning ways prior to the All Star Game. The Sox just swept the Toronto Blue Jays, always a good team, just in the wrong division. The Sox beat Toronto tonight by a score of 8-1 behind the pitching of Jon Lester and 2 HR's from J.D. Drew. Lester went 8 innings, allowing 3 H's and 1 R while striking out 5. Drew went 4/4, and Martinez added another HR.

The Sox are 6.5 GB the Yankees. Penny and Tazawa are the next 2 pitchers up for Boston. Let's hope they turn in a pair of good performances and the bats stay hot. This series ends on Sunday with Beckett up against Sabathia. Beckett will be looking to rebound after a rare poor performance in his last outing. Sabathia beat Buchholz in a pitcher's duel the last time he faced the Sox.

Sox Win 8-1 BOX SCORE



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