Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Could the Swine Flu Impact Baseball?

If you have seen empty soccer stadiums in Mexico then maybe you should think about what could happen to America's pastime if swine flu becomes a pandemic. When the last major flu pandemic hit the U.S. in 1918 the Red Sox captain, Dick Hoblitzell, nearly died from the illness. (He was at an Army camp in El Paso at the time) Braves outfielder Larry Chappell did die from the illness.

Games could be cancelled across the U.S. or players could play in empty stadiums. Even a mild outbreak would have a major impact on attendance. Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees can survive something like this but what about the Royals or A's. These teams are hurting enough with the bad economy and could fold if the swine flu becomes a pandemic.

Right now there is no need to avoid baseball games but just take a second to think about what a pandemic could do to our beloved sport.



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