Friday, May 1, 2009

Reasons For Concern/Reasons Not to Worry

Through the first month of the season some signs of trouble have arisen for the Red Sox but overall the team should be OK.


The Rotation:
Dice-K having arm fatigue due so early in the season is worrisome.
Josh Beckett has an ERA over 7.
Jon Lester can't put together 2 good starts in a row.
Brad Penny looks like he will not work out.
John Smoltz return has hit a bump in the road.

The Bullpen:
Javier Lopez has been a complete disaster.
Saito and Oki have been inconsistent.

The Offense:
Big Papi has no homers.
Jacoby's OBP is only .320 in the lead-off spot.
Mike Lowell is grounding into a lot of double plays.
J.D. Drew is batting .234 and is constantly hurt.

Lowrie, Baldelli, Drew, Dice-K, Smoltz, and Lugo all had setbacks in April.


The Rotation:
Wake has been great.
The team has plenty of depth with Buchholz, Smoltz, Masterson, and Bowden waiting to step up.

The Bullpen:
Masterson can eat innings.
MDC has been rock solid.
RR has been untouchable.

The Offense:
Jason Bay has a .490 OBP.
Youk has a .505 OBP.
Mike Lowell has 23 RBI's.
Jacoby has 10 SB's.

The Bench:
Van Every can fill in all of the gaps by himself.


pigbook1 May 1, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

van everyman is his nickname in my house :-)


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