Saturday, June 27, 2009

All Star Game: Get Out the Red Sox Vote!

The last post mentioned the All Star Game....and how Tim Wakefield is definitely worthy. I can't believe he's never been to the All Star Game before. If any year, it is this year and not just because I had to apologize to Timmy for all the smack I had been talking about him.

However, pitchers aren't voted on by the fans. But there is still a lot of voting that Red Sox fans can be doing. Voting remains open until 11:59 PM on Thursday July 2nd. Head on over to and get to voting. Go NOW...we'll wait.

Now, how are our boys doing so far in the All Star voting courtesy of CBS Sports??

First Base: As of RIGHT NOW, the evil Mark Teixeira of the NYY is beating our own lil' Kevin Youkilis but only by about 35,000 votes. If you vote for nothing else...YOU MUST GO AND VOTE FOR YOUK. The idea of Teixeira and his douchebaggery starting over Youk is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE.

Second Base: Pedey is currently in 2nd place in the standings to Ian Kinsler of the Rangers. He is behind by about 60,000 votes. So, while you are over there voting for YOUK (and you are voting for Youk right?)...why dontcha vote for the AL MVP Dustin Pedroia while you are at it?

Third Base: Mikey Lowell is currently in 4th place behind Evan Longoria, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Young. Mikey would need about 1.5 million votes to take over the lead. Please feel free to vote for Mikey as well, but as long as Longo stay in front of ARod, I am cool with the voting results.

Shortstop: Chuckles. What I find comical about this is that Jed Lowrie is currently in 5th place in the results. You know...that Jed Lowrie who hasn't played games and is currently rehabbing his way back to us? Derek Jeter is leading all the others and has a pretty comfortable lead. As long as you don't vote for the Yankees own "twinkle toes"....feel free to vote for whoever you'd like. I'll admit it, I sometimes vote for Jed just because I miss him so much.

Catcher: Jason Varitek is currently in second place behind Joe Mauer. He is about a million votes behind, but well...come on, it's Joe Mauer. I love Tek something fierce and hope he makes the roster, but I think Joe Mauer probably deserves the start. However, I still vote for Tek. Homer all the way, I am.

Outfield: Jason Bay is rocking the outfield and has the most votes of ANYONE. Jacoby Ellsbury is currently in 6th place (in front of Johnny Damon in 7th...tee, hee, hee) and JD Drew is in 11th place. Jason doesn't really need your vote, but I say give it to him anyways....and feel free to shower votes to Ells and JD while you are at it. I'll continue my JD LOVE and say he should be way higher up the list than 11th. Johnny Damon is beating JD Drew people...just think about that for about 2.2 seconds. you the traitor rage and go vote for JD Drew a few times over. goes without saying. You should make sure you get your 25 votes in before the end of Thursday night. And...then you should find all those other email addresses you have and then vote 25 times for each one. You have no idea how many email addresses I have and I have voted 25 times with each one.

Vote YOUK and VOTE OFTEN!!! Let's GO RED SOX!!!


HorshamScouse June 28, 2009 at 12:04 AM  

I agree completely, Timmeh deserves the recognition.

If he gets in and gets to pitch, who catches him?

Mauer will presumably start, and Tek might be there as well. Can't see either of them wanting to be shown up on such a stage.

Jon June 28, 2009 at 5:57 AM  

Wake should totally be going. He's a class act and he's never been. It would be a great honor to him.


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