Monday, June 22, 2009

Nick Green: Mr. Clutch

Nick Green is the player you want on the line when you need to bring a run in. His average with runners in scoring position is now .419, but the only run he need to drive in last night was himself with the game tied 5-5. Green's walk-off homer shows that he deserves to be the everyday shortstop and Lugo's days with the club are numbered. Green has proven to be so valuable that he may remain in the position when Lowrie returns from the DL.

"Did I have something to prove? Yes, I did. And I still have something to prove," Green said. "I think I've matured enough as a shortstop -- every day they put me in there, I gain more confidence. If [Francona] has confidence in me, I'm going to play better, and if he does, it makes me feel good too."


Shelley June 22, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

Greenie is definitely showing himself to be valuable and clutch to the ballclub. I wasn't sure what Theo was thinking when he signed him this winter, but I am sure glad he did. We all would have been screwed when Lowrie went down without him.

I've always been a Greenie fan since the first time I saw him take the field. He made a mistake in Seattle which resulted in a loss and people crucified him for it. I think the guy has shown major improvement and for a 2nd baseman...plays a gosh darn good SS.

I do think there is no question that Lowrie will get the SS spot back if and when he is healthy. However, I think Greenie is making it MUCH more likely that Lugo will be released when that happens.

All those other ballclubs that Green played for...Braves, Rays, Yankees, Pirates, Mariners, Yankees again...who didn't give him much of a shot at the bigs...are seeing just what they were missing.

He was the perfect guy at the perfect time. I heart Green...something fierce.


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