Sunday, June 21, 2009

Governor's Report

Wanted to report back on my trip. With 37 Governors in attendance, we all hooked up Tuesday afternoon. I met the majority of the other Governors and they are a diverse and wonderful group of people. We obviously all share a love of the team. Rob Crawford, VP of RSN was present as well as Joe Chamas and Mardi Fuller. We were given a tour of the park and sat on top of the Green Monster for as long as we could before being pushed along. I didn't know that Carlton Fisk signed the fair pole and have no idea how he got up that high to autograph it. I asked Rob how to get those fabulous seats and was told it was a lottery. There is an entrance at center field where we hung out for awhile and we were told that each of us were going to be filmed stating our favorite "moment". I was also told that since I was the Gov that traveled the furthest, I would be throwing out the first pitch. So, freaking out about that AND freaking out about the "moment" I tried to write what I was going to say while waiting my turn. I'm sorry but I'm not alone with the Dave Roberts steal. For me, that one play means everything. Never giving up. One single play can change the outcome. One single play can change the momentum. One single play can change history. I call it "reversology of karmology". All you need is the BALLS to go for it. Talking to N. Carolina, he said that when Roberts was safe at second his outlook on life changed from pessimism to optimism, in that moment. I go "I'm going to steal that from you" he said go ahead. So not sure what I said on camera but pretty sure it completely bombed because when I was done I think the cameraman was rolling his eyes. Hopefully if it's that bad it will never be broadcast. We all wished we had more time to prepare. Next was batting practice on the field right behind home plate. We could not believe how close we were, it was so "totally awesome". N. Carolina asked Kottaras if it was easier to catch Wake or the machine and he replied "machine". (We were told not to address the players)

Onward and upward over the bleachers and who stops by but Larry Lucchino who goes around shaking everyone's hand. I'm in a dream I think. I call my brother to tell him about the first pitch and he says "don't aim, just toss the ball to the mitt, weight off the left foot, take a moment and soak it all in...look around at the crowd..enjoy it Karen this is reserved for the President of the United States" guys don't know me that well but let me tell you I start freaking out even more. We were each given a sign with our names and States to hold while we walked onto the field from center, by the Green Monster, visitors dugout waving to the crowd. After National Anthem I walk out to the mound with a bat girl. I stand there and they announce my name and State. I touch fingertips of both hands to my lips, elbows out and throw a kiss to the crowd. She hands me the ball. I black out. Next thing I see is the ball bounce on the grass. I bend over holding my head. I'm embarrassed but what can I do? (Except not sleep for two nights running that moment over and over in my brain! Agh!) Walking through the crowd to my seat I hear "Hey Cali! Good Job!" I say "I'm so embarrassed!" "no, no, good job". I swear, I love the Nation. We run over the Marlins. Great day, great night, great game.

Wednesday morning meeting. Open mike for all regarding feedback and brainstorming. A lady from Red Sox Foundation comes in and speaks to us. It looks like eventually we are going to have a community outreach in all States whether it's reclaiming a little league field or doing volunteer work, etc. I'll be finding out more. Wednesday night is the 500th consecutive sellout. We have seats in the bleachers, row 2 directly in back of Ellsbury. Excellent seats. Marlins center fielder's last name is Ross. Two guys behind us say "hey Ross, how's Rachel?" then go no, no, no. Pull out their phone to find out his first name. "Hey Cody!" they yell, he turns around, is a little distracted and seconds later flubs a play. For the rest of the night it's "Coooooooo-Dyyyyyy". There were two sections in the upper deck that were given Stanley tape measures as a promotion and everyone had theirs pulled out to the 50' or whatever. Hilarious. Another great game. Great crowd. Great night.

Thursday night, sitting in the rain. Nobody moves. Everyone sits there as though it's not raining. Girls in flip flops. I am happy. Too bad game is called and recorded as a loss. Players are pissed.

I am absolutely crazy about Boston. I love the feel of the town, the beauty, the history, the people. Twice I left packages somewhere, went back and someone turned them in. Had lunch at McGreevys. When I win the lottery, I'm going to live in Florida for spring training, move to Boston for the summer and winter in the bay area. But with this past week, I think I already won some sort of lottery.

With respect and truly the luckiest girl in the world,
Karen Doherty
Gov, RSN, CA


bcchamp,  June 22, 2009 at 3:55 AM  

Great post today. Thanks for sharing your time in Boston. Really enloyed it.

Matt June 22, 2009 at 7:59 AM  

Sounds like an amazing time, I'd love to see some pictures if you have any.


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