Monday, July 20, 2009

Q & A with Richard Durrett of the Dallas Morning News

Once again we are lucky enough to have Richard Durrett from the Texas Rangers Blog of the Dallas Morning News answer a few questions about the team he covers:

: Can the Rangers hang with the Angels if they continue to stay hot?

Richard Durrett: You would think will all of the Angels’ injuries that the Rangers could hang with them. But that will depend on this offense. For once, the pitching and defense has not been the Rangers’ problem. It’s been the offense’s inability to score runs on a consistent basis. They are too dependent on the homer right now and must do a better job of situational hitting and small ball, something the Angels do well. If the bats start swinging, they can hang with the Angels. But the schedule is getting tougher the next few weeks. We’ll see.

FW: How will Cruz's injury impact the Rangers?

Richard Durrett: I don’t think he’ll be out of the lineup for an extended period. They have plenty of depth in the OF, so I think they’ll try to play him when they can, but can work in Marlon Byrd, David Murphy, Andruw Jones and Josh Hamilton without much problem.

FW: Why aren't the Rangers in the Halladay rumor mill?

Richard Durrett: Money. The club’s financial situation makes is tough to get a guy like Halladay and pay for him the rest of this season, next season and even after that. Nolan Ryan, in a chat on the DMN Rangers blog, discussed that a bit today. The Rangers have the prospects to make a deal and I do think they’ll do their homework to look into it, but it seems like a long shot.

FW: How has Hamilton looked since returning from the DL?

Richard Durrett: He’s a more disciplined hitter, but his timing is still not quite there. He should get better and better, but I expect him to have a solid second half.

FW: Should Millwood have been on the All-Star team?

Richard Durrett
I think so. The guy led this rotation, had a good ERA and pitched deep into games in the first half.

FW: Will Teagarden be traded before the deadline?

Richard Durrett: My bet is no. But he’s an up-and-coming catcher still learning the ropes. He could be a good one. And I’m sure the Rangers would listen to offers because they have good depth at catcher.

FW: What is your prediction for this series with Boston?

Richard Durrett: I think the Red Sox take 2 of 3. The Rangers’ bats just aren’t awake right now.



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