Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Sox Lineup 9/20 vs. The Baltimore O's

The lineup is in....

Ellsbury- CF
Pedroia- 2B
Martinez- 1B
Youkilis- 3B
Bay- LF
Lowell- DH
Drew- RF
Varitek- C
Gonzalez- SS
Matsuzaka- P

Tek is in for catcher. I think that's the right call with Dice-K on the mound. Dice-K is most comfortable with him behind the plate. Papi is getting the afternoon off and Lowell is DHing. I like that as well. I think that Papi & Lowell should really share DH when V Mart is playing at first base. Bay is in the lineup...for now. Hopefully it stays that way and sickness doesn't scratch him last minute again.

Game is scheduled to start at 1:35 EST. Let's Go Red Sox!



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