Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That’s more like it

Commander Kick Ass was tagged for 12 hits and a free pass in his 6 innings of work while striking out 7, but scattered them enough to allow only 2 Royals to plate. The bullpen dance card tonight included Okajima, Wagner, and Papelbon. Combined they pitched 3 scoreless innings surrendering 2 walks and striking out 3 of those pesky Royals.

Offensively, the Sox also had 12 hits as did the Royals, but managed 7 more runs. Papi went 2 for 4 including his 25th tater of the season. Pedroia, Drew, and Gonzalez all had 2 hit games.

Sox Win 9-2 BOX SCORE 

Red Sox 12 
Royals 12 


Shelley September 24, 2009 at 7:01 AM  

For some bizarre reason, I was confident the whole game we would win. I was confident before the game started. I was confident when the game started. I was still confident when we were down 0-2. I was surely confident when we were up 6-2 and then 9-2.

Josh pitched alright, but well enough to let the offense pick him up and give him a nice ol' win. He allowed a million hits, but he also made pitches when he needed to...and got out of a lot of innings without damage. I'd prefer he throw a no hitter every time he is on the mound, but I was happy to see Josh grind out a win...the hard way.

The big story to me from last night is that V MART caught Beckett and seemingly, did well. They seem to still be feeling each other out...but, overall...I would call it a success. I think Tek was just bumped from his usual spot as Beckett's wingman behind the plate. I love Tek, but I fully support this.


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