Thursday, June 5, 2008

Damon Takes A Jab at Hank

In the battle of the Idiot vs. the Dumbass, Johnny Damon has called out Hank's choice is putting Joba in the starting rotation. Damon told the NY Daily News, "I just felt like our bullpen was our strength. I think it still could be, but when you move a guy like that, everyone's trying to find a role. Everyone's trying to replace a guy who was possibly the best in that role. I remember the teams the Yankees won (championships) with, if they were winning after five innings, it was pretty much game over. We kind of felt that way this year. If we were winning after six, we had (Kyle) Farnsworth in the seventh, Joba in the eighth, and Mariano in the ninth - we thought it was game over. Now, instead, we're trying to find out who's best suited for that eighth-inning role."



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