Friday, June 6, 2008

Felix Stops the Sox

Felix Hernandez dominated the patchwork Sox lineup to end the Fenway win streak and give Colon his first loss of the season. Boston was able to get 7 hits but could never get a rally going and the team seemed deflated after all of the action last night. Seattle caught some early breaks with some bad defense on the part of the Red Sox giving them a few extra outs which they took advantage of Colon was charged with 2 errors, although the first should have gone to Pedroia who was out of position when the throw came to second. It was one of those games that you knew was not going to go well from the start. The Mariners kept building on their lead until they chased Colon from the game. Aardsma came in and gave up 2 more runs. Overall an ugly night for the Sox, very similar to the way they were playing on the road. Manny and Ellsbury might be back tomorrow for the day game to give the offense a lift.

Sox Lose 8-0 BOX SCORE



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