Friday, June 6, 2008

Fallout From Fenway

After all of the craziness of last night's game, we have some updates.

Injuries: Manny's hamstring injury does not look too serious and he may not miss a game, Ellsbury hurt his wrist but had a negative X-Ray, he could miss a few games.

The Sox called up Brandon Moss and sent Carter back down as they now need outfielders.

Fight Night: Coco could be in for a 10 game suspesion and with Ellsbury hurt it might be just the news Bobby Kielty was looking for.

Nobody on the Sox is opening up about the Manny-Youk altercation. There is speculation Youk was not pleased that Manny took his time joining the earlier brawl and was even beat to the field by newcomer "speed demon" Bartolo Colon. Tito and others said it was no big deal and the team will be fine.

Sweep: The Red Sox did sweep the Rays and now have a game and a half lead in the AL East. The hapless Mariners are coming to the Fens tonight. Lost in all of the fighting was how well the Sox played last night; while Lester did give up 8 hits, he did not walk anyone and struck out 5 in 6 and 1/3. The bullpen continued to be solid and the Sox offense provided some timely hits including a homer by Manny in the first as part of his 5 RBI night.

Sox Win 7-1 BOX SCORE


Rooster June 6, 2008 at 8:47 AM  

That was NOT a boring game! I had figured the issues with Coco the night before might spill over. I credit Lester so much with keeping his cool, staying in the game, and doing what the Rays should have done - focused on winning!

Watch for odd lineups with Papi out, nagging injuries, and Coco's suspension. Let's hope Drew stays hot!

dave,  June 6, 2008 at 1:37 PM  

Didn't Shields know that if he threw at Crisp, head, back, or butt, that he would get tossed? Crisp charging the mound or not. What an asshat. Same for Crisp. If he had just gone to 1st, Shields would've been out of the game and none of that BS would've happened. Probably includes whatever happened between Youk & Manny. Even if they did smooth it out, no team needs that.
Didn't the umpires do any warning before the gamme?
Going back to the play the night before that started all this, the 6th inning steal of 2nd by Crisp, is Bartlett allowed to block the bag during an attempted steal?

Fenway West June 6, 2008 at 4:37 PM  

It is a judgment call by the umpire if the baserunner has a path to the base. IMO the knee did block his path and obstruction should have been called had he not been safe.


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