Saturday, June 7, 2008

Errorless Streak Ends for Youk

Kevin Youkilis went 237 games at first without an error before making one tonight in the 8th inning. Youk has sent a major league record with his spectacular defense at first.

I got to witness the continueation of a streak by Maicer Izturis who hit
a lead off home run in his last two games. He took the first pitch from Smith over the left field wall in Oakland tonight.

The Red Sox played very well today behind the third good start in a row by Wake and good hitting all around. Speaking of good hitting, who is that playing right field? J.D. is a totally different player from last year and cheers have replaced the boos. Drew has really stepped up his game this season, especially since Ortiz has been out.

Sox Win 11-3 BOX SCORE



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