Monday, May 4, 2009

Statement Time in the Bronx

When the Boston Red Sox enter the new Yankee Stadium for the first time tonight they have a chance to make a lasting statement. When Fenway opened in 1912 the Red Sox beat the Yankees (Highlanders) in the first game played there. The Yankees beat the Red Sox in the first game at Yankee Stadium in 1923. Tonight could set the tone for years to come. The new Yankee Stadium has opened to mixed reviews and the Red Sox can stir the pot of curse and failure talk among the New York media. If Big Papi gets his first home run early in tonight's game because of the jet stream heading to right field, the media will start referring to the Papi jersey curse. A win tonight would give the Red Sox 4 straight victories over the Yankees and with Teixeira hitting below .200 and Sabathia struggling early the Yankee brand will continue to be tarnished. The new stadium was supposed to restore Yankee pride and put them at the top of the baseball universe but empty pricey seats and their constant A-Rod* sideshow has continued to chip away at the franchise. The atmosphere should be electric tonight and the Red Sox can quickly make Yankee Stadium feel comfortable for the future if they can win in grand fashion tonight. Mark Teixeira is already feeling the pain:

"You never want to get swept, no matter who you're playing, but getting swept by the Red Sox definitely stings a little bit."



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