Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Papi's Restaurant

David Ortiz became a partner in the Metro 9 Steakhouse in Framingham. Ortiz and co-owner Peter Sarmanian plan to change the name to Big Papi's Restaurant.

Papi is a good baseball name - I'm not so sure about a restaurant name. Everytime I think of it that scene from Poppie's Restaurant in Seinfeld comes to mind:

(Jerry and Poppie in the bathroom. Jerry washes his hands while Poppie flushes and gets out of the stall)
POPPIE: Ah, Jerry! Tonight you in for a real treat. I'm personnaly going to prepare the dinner for you and my Audrey.
(He zips up and leaves whitout washing his hands. Jerry notices it)
(back at the table with Audrey, Jerry can see Poppie in the kitchen with his hands in the dough, making dinner)
AUDREY: Jerry are you OK?
AUDREY: Is anything wrong?
JERRY: No, Nothing.
AUDREY: You look like you've seen a ghost.
(Jerry can't talk and he's staring at Poppie's hands. Poppie smiles and winks at him)

Poppie is kind of sloppy. I'm sure Big Papi's Restaurant will be fantastic. How about naming it Ortiz's Steakhouse? 34 Grill?



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