Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mikey Lowell You Give Me Hope!

Like everyone else in Red Sox Nation, my heart sank a little bit when I heard that Mikey Lowell was heading on the 15 Day DL. We had heard in reports that the effects of the shot could be known within 24 hours, so many of us were assuming the worst with hearing that news that he is heading to the DL and we are seeing Jeff Bailey's smiling face for the next couple of weeks.

Well, The Boston Globe just posting an article that makes me all kinds of happy and gives me hope about seeing Mikey Lowell at 3rd for the long haul this season.

Mike Lowell’s stay on the disabled should not be any longer than the virtual minimum, which means he is scheduled to return the day after the All-Star break. He is eligible to come off July 12, the Sunday before the break, but coming off for one game wouldn’t make much sense. In all, Lowell will miss 14 games but received 19 days off, a pretty good trade off.

And, manager Terry Francona said, Lowell showed up in Boston today feeling great, “to the point he’s thinking about he could play in a couple days,” Francona said.

Now that is the news I wanted to hear. I look forward to seeing Mikey Lowell and his famous scowl in a game sometime SOON.



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