Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Orsillo Doesn't See the Sox Making any Deadline Moves

Sox broadcaster Don Orsillo weighed in with his 2 cents about the likelihood of the Sox making a major move before the trade deadline.

In response to a questioner from San Diego (Fenway West territory) about the upcoming trade deadline, Orsillo wrote on his blog:

No. I really do not. I am open-minded to deals and try to separate business from personal as “The Donald” would. However, I would be very surprised to see any moves prior, or for that matter, at the deadline. I think the Red Sox, as they are currently put together and with the imminent return of Jed Lowrie, are in very good shape. If anything happens, I believe it will be minor or a move that may not impact the Major League club immediately. If the Red Sox are willing to eat the majority of Julio Lugo’s contract, he could be moved.



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