Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Return to Playing the AL East

Ah, now that this interleague mumbo jumbo is over for 2009...well, at least until hopefully October...the Red Sox got back to business which means playing the Al East's own Baltimore Orioles. Much like the Nationals and Braves...playing the Orioles is like playing at home when you are away.

Jon Lester

Tonight it was Jonny Lester on the mound verses Jason Berken. Lester's numbers have been ridiculously good against the Orioles and he continued it tonight. He pitched 7 shutout innings.....and was following by 2 more shutout innings from the bullpen. Lester struck out 8 batters and only allowed 5 hits. Delcarmen and Okajima took care of the 8th inning and we were on to the 9th. Ramon Ramirez came on for the 9th inning. He quickly retired the first two batters he faced and then gave up a hit and a walk to the next two. So, that meant that Jonathan Papelbon was up and in the game going for his 19th save of the season and career 132th save as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Papelbon got the "Second Coming of Christ" aka Matt Wieters to pop out to left field and GAME OVER...SOX WIN.

Papelbon is now tied with Bob Stanley for 132 career saves with the Boston Red Sox. When Pap gets his next save, he will alone hold that stat line.

Oh wait, I also get to sing JD Drew's praises and we know how much I LOVE to do that. JD was on fire tonight. He was a double short of the cycle. He started off with a triple that ALMOST left the park. Followed by a two run homerun and then a little itty bitty single. He was a hitting machine. JD was moved into the lead off spot and Dustin Pedroia was moved back in the 2 spot. So far, this small sample size seems like a genius move from Tito.

Let's see anything else to report. Oh. Sox defense was also pretty gosh darn good tonight. JD Drew made quite a number of great catches out in right field. Jacoby Ellsbury made his usual spectacular catch in center field. Nick Green continues to impress at short stop with that bullet of an arm of his. Jason Bay...on that pop up to left field to end the game. It was not routine. Jason Bay slid over and made a breath taking diving catch to end the ball game and give Pap his record tying save.

All in all. A good game folks. Let's do it again tomorrow.

Sox WIN 4-0.


dave,  June 29, 2009 at 10:05 PM  

Nick Green must've been using Lugo's glove by accident earlier this season.


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