Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fenway Faithful are in the Angels' Heads

You can see the panic beginning to set in among the Angels as the reality of facing the Red Sox in the playoffs has once again arrived.  Perhaps the most evident example of this comes from Torri Hunter who called out his teammates for getting rattled:

"I don't give a damn about this place. I just play. I can't speak for everybody else," Hunter said. "We gotta play better. … If you do this in the regular season, what's going to happen in the playoffs?
"A lot of players on this team are getting it wrong. It's not more important to play this team (the Red Sox) than the Tampa Bay Rays or Seattle Mariners. You play the same game. You do what you do. You have fun. You don't change your game because it's the Red Sox or the Yankees. If you play nervous, you're going to make mistakes. Show some (guts)."

When you have Fuentes saying the umps are too scared to make a call and you add that to the Angels' history against the Red Sox in the playoffs you have a team that is playing scared and may be looking at another post season to forget.



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